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Relief From Headaches By Edwin Flatto, M.D.

(from Herald of Health)

Relieving headaches is big business. This common malady has helped create some of the world’s wealthiest international enterprises. Untold millions of dollars are made by the world’s largest drug cartel in selling aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen and other analgesics by the carload to relieve our headaches. It is a moot question as to who are the biggest analgesic customers: arthritics or headache sufferers. (Probably the headache sufferers, since there are an estimated 129 million of them in the United States alone.) Although fortunes are being spent on these nostrums, they can cause disease far worse than the symptoms they are supposed to relieve. Excessive use of analgesics can cause liver damage, hemorrhaging, deafness, kidney disease and a host of other illnesses far more serious than a simple headache. The fact that millions of dollars are spent yearly on prime time television and radio, as well as in magazines and newspapers to sell a ton of these products which have a gross profit in pennies, is a testimonial to the tremendous number of people who use these drugs.

Headaches are attributed to a number of causes. From my viewpoint most headaches are caused by wrong living habits. This results in a state of toxemia brought about by the eliminative organs falling down in their job of disposing of the waste products. Congestion in the cervical (neck) area from faulty posture, lack of exercise, mental and emotional tension and overwork may all be important factors in causing a headache.

My rationale in suggesting that you try these exercises to relieve congestion in the head and neck area, as well as the exercises designed to correct constipation, lower intestinal tract, and eye disorders, is, as Sherlock Holmes once said, “if you eliminate the impossible, what is left is possible.”

Before taking your next analgesic to relieve your headache, why not try some of these exercises instead? If properly performed, these exercises should produce no harmful side effects or diseases, as do drugs, and the results may be far more lasting and gratifying.


Applying ball of each forefinger to medial corner of orbital opening next to upper bridge of nose, push gently upward in direction of forehead. Apply steady but gentle pressure for 10 or 15 seconds. There should be no pain or discomfort. Instead of taking an aspirin or other drug, try this harmless method for relief of your headache first.


Holding head back and using ball of thumb, apply pressure to the roof of mouth. (Also for sinus congestion, hiccups and nosebleeds.)


Phase 1: Apply balls of three middle fingers to frontal bone of forehead, using about 5 to 10 pounds of pressure maximum, if not uncomfortable, and employ circular motion.

Phase 2: Draw fingers slowly toward temporal area. (Also for migraine, sinus and eyestrain relief.)

After applying pressure to frontal bone of forehead, bring fingers slowly back to temporal bone. Using gentle pressure, massage, rotating fingers in clockwise direction.

Also, holding head down apply about three pounds pressure to left and right carotid sinus (the carotid sinus is located directly behind and slightly above the lower margin of the ear lobe) for a period of three to five minutes depending upon severity of condition. Use middle three fingers of both hands to massage nape of neck, radiating out about two inches from midline to both sides of neck. The pressure should cause no discomfort or pain.


Slowly rotate head clockwise from neck making a complete circle. Repeat 5 times and then reverse direction.

This exercise relieves congestion in head and neck area and improves circulation to the eye and brain. It may also be employed to improve circulation to the eyelids and conjunctiva, and for thyroid gland stimulation.


Subject lies on table face up. Operator stands in back of subject with subject’s head parallel to his chest. Right hand of operator is now placed gently but firmly under chin of subject. Operator then applies gentle but firm traction (about 3 pounds) towards his chest, giving gentle twist to right and left side.

This movement helps relieve headache due to neck congestion and promotes circulation of blood to the thyroid gland, thus relieving congestion. As mentioned elsewhere, all exercise and manipulation should be correlated with the advice and recommendation of your doctor.

With subject sitting on straight chair, operator in back of subject holds his right hand under chin and left hand under occiput (back of the head). Operator, gently, but firmly, applies traction straight upwards (about 3 to 5 pounds pressure) simultaneously to both chin and occiput …giving slight twist to the right and then left for about 60 seconds.

This exercise is for relieving headache due to neck congestion and promoting thyroid stimulation by relieving congestion.