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Genetic Engineering, Is Your Food Safe? By Ruth Sackman

Dr. Philip Incao, who has a natural healing practice in Denver, Colorado, sent material to FACT via E-mail, urging FACT to cooperate in a drive to get our government to label genetically engineered (GE) food. The drive originates with an organization called Mothers for Natural Law. They have petitions which you can get to possibly organize a drive in your local area.

All over the world countries are fighting to keep genetically-engineered food from their borders. Yet here in the United States very few Americans know much about it. Austria was appalled enough about the alteration of our food by genetic engineering to have collected 1.2 million signatures in one week.

Right now all of us have been conscripted in the largest experiment of all time without our knowledge or consent. Without long-term studies it is impossible to determine what will happen in the future. A recent frightening news report showed that monarch butterflies died from eating milkweed plants that had been dusted with pollen from genetically-engineered Bt corn. Bt is the term used to show that the corn was genetically altered to contain a pesticide. Instead of adding pesticides to the soil or spraying the corn, the chemical becomes part of the corn. World Watch Magazine quotes studies that suggest the risk posed by genetically-engineered crops to produce their own pesticides may in FACT be greater than the risk posed by spraying the same pesticides directly on the crops.

Death of the butterflies was an unexpected and unintentional event. This can happen to humans because of inadequate or incomplete research. This unpredicted event should alert the agencies and companies involved in genetic engineering that serious consequences can befall the human population. What other surprises might occur that will play havoc with not only animals but with humans?

European countries are being very cautious about allowing GE food from America into their countries:

  • The British Association is calling for a moratorium on transgenic planting.
  • 1300 schools in the United Kingdom have banned these foods from their cafeterias.
  • The European Union is demanding segregation and labeling of all GE imports.
  • The seven largest grocery chains in six European countries made a public commitment to keep their stores free of GE products.
  • The Pope is warning of ethical considerations.

A growing number of scientists and physicians are voicing concern over the health risks and environmental consequences of tampering with natural law. The International Center for Technology Assessment and Green Peace International have filed suit against EPA to withdraw registration of Bt crops, thereby preventing new Bt crops from being planted.

The adage that it is better to err on the side of caution is so applicable in this instance.

If we want pure food, air and water, we will have to put forth some effort to get our legislators to help us. They need to supervise the government agencies that are responsible for our health to do the job those agencies were established for – to protect the consumer. Pure, safe food is worth fighting for. Mothers for Natural Law are providing this excellent opportunity to join with others so that your concerns have greater impact.