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Another Answer To Cancer By Alice Chase, D.O.

Dr. Alice Chase’s theory of cause and her treatment were applied in 40 years of practice as an osteopathic doctor. The following is a condensation of her booklet “Your Health Problems.” She also published “Nutrition for Health” (out-of-print).

In health problems modern men and women must become masters and mistresses of their own fate.

In the last hundred years or so there have been searching medical scientists who found some real clues to this apparent mystery. In the 19th century a group of German research men found that individuals who suffered from cancer responded to dietary treatment! Diets low in sulphur-containing foods and low in protein were proven, in the experience of Ehrlich, Virchow and others, to be effective in arresting the growth of cancer, and regenerating the bodies of some individuals with pronounced tumorous masses that were diagnosed as cancer. Some English and American medical men, likewise, discovered that food had dramatic, potent effects on cancer cases…Drs. Haig and Williams of England also found that cancer originates from normal cells. It is not a disease that invades the body by any mysterious route. It effects the body by way of 1) faulty food intake, 2) overwork, 3) emotional trauma, and other factors that cause retention of catabolic wastes within the lymph cells or vulnerable areas in the body.

According to Dr. Virchow, cellular pathology or retention of unexcreted wastes within the individual cells is the basic cause of chronic disease. Cancer is a chronic, morbid process.

From the standpoint of this humble student, it is wrong to mutilate the body that is affected by cancer. Conventional medical and surgical methods are based on trial and error. The orthodox medical internist and surgeon insist on enjoying autocratic powers. The surgeon condemns any new idea, any radical approach, that is not in line with current orthodoxy. The medical profession is, indeed, persisting in a type of reasoning that belongs to the pre-scientific age.

Cancer is not a local process. Cutting out any apparent neoplasm is as helpless and useless as it has proven through the years of this foolish reasoning for such a drastic method. The sick must be regenerated, if possible.

Localized cancer is an accumulation of unexcreted cellular wastes in vulnerable areas. These dead wastes are like manure in excessive amounts in a garden. Tumorous outgrowths are a type or a kind of weed. When a person who has a growth is put on a low protein and low sulphur diet, or even on a fast – tumorous cells are reduced in size and masses disappear.

The cancer patient is treated irrationally in the conventional world because no accurate steps are taken to remove accumulated cellular wastes and to expedite the functions of the inefficient, inadequate excretory channels.

A balanced food ration may help to remove waste matter from the cells of vulnerable tissues and from the entire organism. This would be a dynamic procedure as an approach to the treatment of cancer, better than the approach to cut something and/or to bombard the body with radium and X-ray. The blood-forming organs the bones, the spleen, the liver and other vital structures are desiccated or destroyed by high voltage X-ray and penetrating radium. The wasting of cancer, known as cachexia, is hastened by treatment with radium and X-ray.

Madam Curie, a great investigator of the mystery of chemistry, and a discoverer of the important element which she named radium, herself died from cancer. Her daughter, also a scientist, died at the age of 58 from cancer. These two outstanding women were consumed by the destructive chemicals with which they worked.

One of the great Mayo brothers, Dr. William Mayo, himself an outstanding surgeon, died three months after surgery for cancer of the stomach. He acquired cancer of the stomach because his dietetic habits made him susceptible to that disease.

Some of the teachers of medicine who live long enough to grow old, confess their sins, as one of their great men, Dr. William Osler did before he died. He stated, “We prescribe drugs, the actions of which we do not know, for diseases we do not understand.”

Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes also stated the following: “All the drugs should be dumped into the ocean. It would be better for mankind, but worse for the fishes.”

Medical pioneers who devoted years to studying the cancer problem found that properly chosen vegetarian foods, low in sulphur and in protein, can arrest cancer and regenerate even inoperable and recurrent cancer. One such outstanding authority was Dr. Duncan Bulkley. In his 40 years of practice with clinic patients in the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital, he proved that food can be medicine.

Foods should be derived from fresh raw materials, rather than cooked. The cancer patient is very often demineralized. Spontaneous fractures are not infrequently a complication of lingering malignancies, when the diet is of the conventional food mixtures. It is really high time for the honest medical leaders to look into the possibility of the therapeutic effects of food on the sick. Those who are afflicted by seeming cancer processes have much to gain. Suitable vegetarian and fruit diets are very wholesome for those who are well. [Ed. note: Vegetarian diets are not applicable to all.] They are invaluable for the sufferer from cancer…Food as medicine is a safe and sound new road which must be built wide and broad, if the scientific and honored healing profession is to keep pace with progress.

Every person who shows a new growth in any part of the body is entitled to food as medicine as a first effort. Food, however, must be given to the patient after the body’s accessible sewer channels and those that are connected with the blood and tissues, are cleaned.

Raw vegetable juices are elixirs of life and health. The body can assimilate a glass of salad juice much more comfortably than a plateful of salad materials. The sick body has weakened digestive ability. Cellulose or roughage is hard for any sick person to digest. It is, therefore, important for the medical profession to learn from those who they, in their smugness, refer to as “quacks.”

The cancer patient ought to be treated similarly to the tubercular or the cardiac. In these latter diseases, the individual is permitted to enjoy rest, fresh air, pure water and wholesome foods. These are the four basic needs of the sufferer from diagnosable cancer. In this ailment it is necessary to remove accumulated and retained cellular wastes to the extent that the individual patient can stand fasting and fruit juice diet. This is the most constructive approach toward prevention and cure of cancer.

A person afflicted by cancer has more to gain by being an optimist than by being despondent. The individual who is sick must have a hopeful outlook for the future.

Medical leaders who are in power are choosing a policy of abusing their competitors – those who actually have accomplished better therapeutic achievements than they have.

Note: Dr. Chase’s theory is held also by Dr. Henry Turkel of Detroit, being also the cause of Mongolism! After working in this field for over 30 years, he has been able to develop a treatment which will reverse the growth of Mongoloid characteristics in these children; yet this desperately needed treatment has been stifled. Thus he has suffered the fate of the majority of American independent researchers in the medical field.