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Why 2 + 2 = 7 By Lou Dina

Lou Dina is a recovered cancer patient who has presented his case history at several FACT Annual Cancer/Nutrition Conventions. Diagnosed with malignant lymphoma in the bones and lymph system in 1978 he was not comfortable with the conventional chemotherapy approach presented to him by his oncologist. His personal experience makes him exceptionally well-qualified to write the following article. He felt there had to be a better way and so set Mouton a journey to find it. Using his training as an engineer to investigate symptoms and trace them back to root causes, he came to see metabolic therapy as the most logical approach and began the process of restoring himself to his present vibrant state of health. Recently remarried, Lou lives and works in Florida where he is also completing work on a book about his recovery.

Everyone knows that 2 +2 = 4. Our brains routinely supply us with this same answer every time. Logic applied properly and consistently usually yields predictable results. So, when it comes to cancer, why is it that our bodies often do not respond as expected?Why does standard logic seem to fail us so miserably? Maybe our bodies are very poor mathematicians, or perhaps we are applying the wrong formulas? Could it be we need a new model?

Conventional wisdom dictates the use of a decongestant when you have a runny nose, and presto, the symptoms clear up…2 + 2 = 4. How do we typically treat a headache? Past experiences (and countless advertisements), have taught us that a few aspirin or ibuprofen often alleviate our symptoms in shortorder…again, 2 +2 = 4. How about allergies, hemorrhoids, fever, coughs, and the host of other ailments that beset us? Drug stores and supermarkets stock a cornucopia of products which promise fast, temporary relief…2 + 2 = 4. But does it really add up?When we discover the presence of cancer in our bodies, we try to apply this same basic “logic,” using radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery to address symptoms. It seems so simple and right based on our previous model, doesn’t it? But this time, 2 +2 does not add up to 4 and our apparent logic shows a fatal flaw.

So, what happens in a normally healthy body, thus allowing it to produce and propagate abnormal cell growth? My personal experience , research and results have led me to agree with the conclusion that cancer is the end product of a breakdown in body chemistry which is systemic in nature. The primary cancer site is often dictated by inherent weaknesses the body, carcinogenic attack of a certain organ or tissue, hereditary predisposition and other factors.The systemic nature of cancer may explain why cancer has a tenacious proclivity to pop up in new locations after the initial symptom has been eradicated: Cancer is not the tumor. The tumor is merely a symptom that indicates the presence of cancer, which is largely caused by a breakdown of body chemistry and immune response. The problem is systemic and metabolic in nature, which explains why successfully addressing metabolic causes puts cancer into permanent remission.

It’s time for some new math – a new model. How do we dig ourselves out of this mess? How do we defeat cancer and reestablish health and normalcy tour bodies? The process is one of breaking the dwindling spiral and reversing the degeneration of body tissue through wholistic means. We need to apply metabolic logic, a logic the body can understand. Health cannot be regained with a silver bullet or a wonder drug. While drugs may temporarily al-levite symptoms, health can only be regained by removing toxicity and providing the proper fuel and environment the body needs for regeneration of healthy tissue. Drugs only increase toxicity. Healthy body will not generate abnormal cells on a grand scale. A healthy body will attack and eliminate foreign invaders. A healthy body will not tolerate the presence of cancer.

  1. Cleanse – Cleanse toxins and waste from the system.
  2. Food – consume pure, natural, wholesome foods and freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices. Avoid processed foods, additives and preservatives.
  3. Supplements – Take specific supplements to assist the body in regeneration.
  4. Stress – Reduce stress, obtain proper rest and promote a positive mental attitude.

Given a chance, truly remarkable changes will begin to take place. Your body is a marvel, simply waiting for the proper conditions and appropriate catalysts which will allow it to rebuild and heal. Before you even apply one of the essential building blocks above, your body is already eager and primed to cooperate. So, when you add the first element, you do not add a value of one, but infinitely more. The second element combines synergistically with the first to double or triple the effect. It’s like a brainstorming session between two intelligent, focused and motivated people aligned behind a common cause. Idea sand energy really begin to flow as the possibilities and the vision develop and mature. When the third ingredient is introduced, the snowball which is already racing downhill picks up momentum and speed. Adding the final component transforms an ordinary rowboat into a powerful battleship. Remarkably, you have four components adding up to more than four,and 2 + 2 = 7. That’s the new math – a math your body understands.

Nature does not generally offer overnight cures,but her hand is steady and reliable, providing we apply the proper principles faithfully. The process of re-gaining health requires determination and active participation on the part of the patient. Generally, the more involved the patient is, the better. While he/she should obtain the assistance of a qualified health professional well versed in the metabolic approach,he/she must be willing to take responsibility for his/her own decisions and recovery.

As you apply these essential principles you will begin to witness a modern day miracle – the body’s equivalent of compound interest as applied to re-gaining health. And next time someone tells you 2+2 = 4, just smile and realize that you know better.Know that 2 + 2 = 7, and realize that through good fortune and good sense, you have found your lucky number.