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Our 53rd Year

Return to Natural LawBy Victor Earl Irons

Victor Irons was one of the early pioneers in recognizing, promoting and manufacturing all natural vitamin supplementary material. He maintained a very high standard in line with the principles which he knew to be essential to restoring and maintaining health. All aspects of delivering quality material was considered. Organic was important. Manufacturing was done carefully so as not to destroy enzymes. Synthetic substances were not added to achieve higher potency. He knew that natural material was more potent in its effect on the body than a synthetic higher potency tablet.

Mr. Irons always considered colon cleansing an important health measure. He lectured frequently about the need to eliminate the body’s wastes and provided the material and instructions for cleansing.

What Are the Principles of Real Health?

We have more and better trained doctors, more hospitals than any other nation and yet, as a nation, we remain one of the sickest. So drugs, medicines, surgery haven’t been a solution.

A most fundamental principle in regard to natural health is that every cell of the body is served by the blood. The body makes the blood and the blood does its work. It nourishes the cell, replaces the “worn out” parts and carries away the waste products. This principle is accepted today by virtually all scientists and doctors, but mankind as a whole frequently does not desire to accept or apply logical conclusions derived from its application, namely, that when something goes wrong organically with a part of the body, whether it be the brain, the nerves, the bones, organs, glands, or skin, then nutritionally-derived materials in the blood may not be of the quality or quantity necessary to do what Nature intended. It doesn’t make any difference what your condition of ill-health might be, you need a balanced bloodstream, and the only way you can balance the bloodstream is through proper nutrition.

Nutrition Determines Quality of the Bloodstream

The Nutritional Foundation, for example, has stated that nutrition is the most important environmental factor in the health of our people. There are other factors, of course, but nutrition is certainly the most important. No medicine or drug, or other type of treatment builds. We repeat that the only way you can build or balance the bloodstream is through proper nutrition. We are not alone in this concept. Dr. Charles Mayo was the famous physician who founded the Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minnesota. He built the Mayo Clinic to its eminence in America by this very same idea of proper nutrition.

Dr. Mayo states: “We are all afraid of germs because we are all ignorant of them. Germs are outside, what we should be afraid of is lowered resistance which comes from within. The folly of our topsy turvy notion leads to much preventable confusion and despair. Instead of developing a proper respect for our own extraordinary powers conferred upon us by mother nature, we endow germs Earl Irons with unnatural powers which they should not possess.” Dr. Mayo went on to say, “Here let me repeat one solemn truth which should be repeated over and over each day until everybody comprehends its meaning and acts upon it Normal resistance to disease is directly dependent upon adequate food; normal resistance to disease never comes out of pill boxes. Adequate food is the cradle of normal resistance, the playground of normal immunity, the workshop of good health, and the laboratory of long life.” (emphasis is ours)

What Are Natural Foods?

Proper natural foods are grown on soil fertilized with natural items, such as compost, manure, natural lime and rock phosphate. Today instead of using these natural fertilizers, most farmers are using high powered, non-natural, chemical fertilizers, which give a quick, voluminous growth but fail to put the same quality in the food which you find from growth of naturally-treated soil. Proper natural foods are those not sprayed with poisonous insecticides. So many foods today have been sprayed with one or more poisonous sprays, the residues of which can get into our systems. Proper natural foods are unrefined, unpasteurized, unfragmented and unadulterated with various chemicals. Hundreds of foods you find in a supermarket today have been tampered with in one way or another. More than 2,000 chemicals are being used in our daily foods as coloring agents, buffers, hardeners, thickeners, thinners, softeners, etc.

Proper natural foods still retain their original life as signified by enzyme factors, and retain in natural inter-relationship their original vitamin complexes, organic minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Whenever feasible- they are eaten raw.

The “Life” in the Blood – The Key to a Better Bloodstream

This word “life” is the key to truly natural foods. We are all live biological creatures, and if we expect to maintain nutritional health, we should eat live, vital natural foods. The gauge, or measuring stick, of the life or naturalness of food is signified by the presence of its enzyme factors. When a food retains its enzymes, it will readily attract bugs, fungus, molds, weevils, worms and bacteria. As advocated by the pioneer nutritionist, Dr. E.V. McCollum, we should eat those foods which will spoil, rot, sour, mildew, or develop a bad odor; but, of course, we should eat them before this happens. Nature’s tiny creatures cannot read ads and they have no favorite TV program, and they choose their foods without commercial inducement. If they refuse to eat a food, then this can be your signal to avoid it also, because it may well lack life and other desirable values.

Various persons considered experts, particularly those subsidized directly or indirectly by various commercial interests, maintain that enzymes in food are of no importance, and that we can eat foods deprived of them with no difference in nutritional effect Various experts would also discount or minimize the importance of foods which are grown on naturally fertilized soil, or free of insecticides, or unrefined and free of chemical additives. However, until the experts agree, we will once again bet on Nature for the best job.

American diets are not diets considered best for the maintenance of health and physical well-being. Dietary deficiencies exist in every strata of society, and the situation is not one likely to be remedied immediately. So just what can we do about it?

Our Aim-Nutritional Results Only

We recommend a simple three-way program. We believe that if you follow these three recommendations accurately, you should be aided to gradually get back to Nature, and derive health benefits. The first thing recommended to do is to aid in keeping the body clean on the inside. The second thing is to eat more natural foods, with at least 50% of them eaten raw. The third recommendation is to supply deficiencies, if any, resulting from eating fractionalized, fragmented, “empty calorie” food, with natural raw food concentrates.

Cleanse the Colon

To repeat, our first recommendation is to aid the body in keeping clean on the inside. Most people are very careful about the cleanliness of the outside of the body, and will use all kinds of soaps and shampoos, deodorants, and skin bracers, but often the same people ignore the inside, which is actually much more important

Here is a normal healthy colon (figure 2), something many people lack today. Also shown (figure 1) is a drawing reproduction of a type of colon that can occur. The colon sometimes is called the “sewer of the body.”

If unclean and we desire maximum healthful function, we must clean it out. You have heard, no doubt, of Dr. Harvey Kellogg and the kellogg Sanitarium of Battle Creek, Michigan. Dr. Kellogg said, “Of the twenty-two thousand operations I have personally performed, I have never found a single normal colon, and of the one hundred thousand preformed under my jurisdiction not over 6% were normal.” Various doctors may disagree with Dr. Kellogg’s observations, but no one would dispute the desirability of maintaining the best colonic conditions possible.