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What Is a Protomorphogen? By Dave Roderick

The history of nutrition, food supplements and glandular extracts, “Protomorphogens (PMG),” as we know it today, would not be complete without the names of Drs. William Hanson and Royal Lee. Their dynamic influence upon this industry has been immense, for it was in 1947 that they released their coauthored book, Protomotphology – The Principles of Cell Auto Regulation. The essence of this book which introduced their theory, that all living systems are composed of molecules, whose structure is directed by pattern-making building blocks.

William Hanson, founder of Enzyme Process Laboratories and Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process Company, identified protomorphogens (cellular substances from glandular extracts) as necessary to direct the metabolic processes, growth and repair of all living tissue. Early recognition by these two scientists that such specific molecules, known today as DNA and RNA, could influence biochemistry, health and disease, introduced to the field of health the glandular extracts so important to health care professionals today.

Cell Therapy in Target Organs and Glands

The concept of including organ tissue in the diet for the treatment of disease is as old as the history of man. In fact, it was from empirical observations of this kind that modern endocrinology was developed.

For centuries there has been the belief that inherent in the organ is the means of healing that organ. The 16th century Dr. Paracelus declared, “The heart heals the heart and the kidney heals the kidney.” Aristotle in the 14th Century B.C. prepared a list of animal ingredients to be used for healing. In the beginning of this century, the famous Russian surgeon, Professor Voronoff, successfully began to implant ape testicles into elderly gentlemen, gaining international fame as well as the nickname “the monkey gland doctor.”

Since then many observations of the effects of supplying tissue extracts have been reported in medical literature. Horower-1933 covered a whole range of these, noting the effects of oral administration of heart extract for heart problems and the use of organ material by various ancient peoples throughout the world is well known. There’ has been a remarkable renewed interest in the field of preventative medicine with cell therapy. Doctors around the globe, most notably Dr. Niehans and his famous clinic in Switzerland, “La Prairie,” are renowned for their use of cell therapy and for attracting clients such as Marlene Dietrich, the Duchess of Windsor, Gloria Swanson, Winston Churchill, General Charles DeGaulle, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Charlie Chaplin, Pope Pius VI and King Ibn Saud and, yes, even Fidel Castro. All were treated with injectable extracts made from animal glandular tissue.

The far-sighted brilliance of Drs. Lee and Hanson in reaching and trying to unravel the hidden secrets of this genetic coded material contained within the cell led to the introduction of oral forms of glandular extracts. Lee and Hanson coined the word “protomorphogen” to describe that part of the cell extracts which control metabolism, growth and repair of cells. The word protomorphogen was derived from proto, meaning first or primary, morph from morphos, meaning form, and gen from generate, implying control or stimulation.

In their book, Protomotphology, Lee and Hanson described a “protomorphogen” as cell secretions given off by living cells at all times in minute amounts which is then used for cell repair, maintenance and reproduction of new cells.

A 1993 report by Robert L. Santoro, M.A., and Alfred F. Weyhreter, M.S., published by the International Academy of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine, describes the effective and significar.4 improvement of human gland and organ function, from raw glandular ingestion. The protomorphogens selected for the study were liver, thyroid and lung. Prior to ingestion of protein concentrates, serum chemistry tests were performed on all subjects in the study.

A test group ingested specific amounts of glandular concentrates while a control group did not over a period of four months, subjects were retested once their changes in the serum chemistry values were recorded. These changes were used to measure improvement in the organ/gland function. A comparison of the change of the test group with the change in the control group was performed.

Changes in chemistry values toward the ideal range for those using the protomorphogens were significantly greater than for the control group. This study indicates that raw glandular protomorphogens nourish the target gland/organ tissue and improves physiological function.

Do Protomorphogens (PMG) Glandular Concentrates Really Work?

Many health care practitioners discount the effect of glandular concentrates on their target gland by saying that these nutrients do not survive the digestive tract. If that were true, then the results of this study would be different Data taken from a database of over a thousand subjects has shown the beneficial effect of liver, thyroid and lung glandular concentrates on their respective target tissues by moving their serum chemistries generally up toward the ideal range and those which were above the medical range, move down, toward the ideal range, when an individual ingests the appropriate protomorphogen.

Based upon the results of this study, it appears the polypeptide chains, macromolecules and nucleic acids from raw protein concentrates can enter the bloodstream through the small intestine by processes such as diffusion and other combinations of active and passive transport, in amounts sufficient to produce a significant change in blood chemistry readings.

The results of this study demonstrate that.the use of protomorphogens/glandular concentrates can improve serum chemistry values and further substantiates the concept that proper system nourishment actually causes the body to heal itself.

In view of the clear and substantial evidence of this study and the positive results people around the world are achieving with the use of protomorphogens, it seems very wise and prudent to add these glandular extracts to any health regime/program.