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Katherine’s Frightening Dilemma By William H. Philpott, M.D.

William H. Philpott, M.D. is the Chairman of the Institutional Review Board of Bio-Electro-Magnetic Institute

Katherine, age 75, is my “Sweety-Pie” of fifty-three years of marriage. She is the mother of three healthy, successful children, the grandmother of six smart and healthy grandchildren. Suddenly, virtually overnight, a mole developed on her forehead from the deep layers of the skin. The mole was black and red combined with a jagged periphery and a very sore base. It grew to 1″ across and 1/2″ in height in one week. It had penetrated into the subcutaneous fat with fingers spreading more than 1″.

What shall we do? Shall we do a biopsy and risk metastatic spread? At age thirty-four a breast cancer was successfully surgically treated. At age forty-four a basal cell carcinoma was successfully surgically treated. At age seventy-one a skin lesion with the characteristic appearance of a basal cell carcinoma was successfully treated with a negative magnetic field.

With intensity born of necessity we studied the traditional and alternative medical treatment options for a malignant melanoma. Shall we have surgical removal, which would remove half of her forehead down to the bone and require a graft? The rapidly growing mole had suddenly developed on her forehead where no mole had been before. Its appearance was that of a classic nodular malignant melanoma with invasion of me subcutaneous tissue. This gave the evidence of being a very malignant and potentially metastatic lesion. X-ray and chemotherapy reportedly have poor results. Is Dr. Robert O. Becker’s observation that a biologically–produced negative electromagnetic field governs all healing true? Does this principle of a negative magnetic field governing healing also apply to cancer and not just to cuts, bruises, and broken bones? Can we use the negative magnetic pole field of a solid state magnet, which is the magnetic field polarity equivalent to the electromagnetic negative field concentrated by the body at injured areas for healing, to control or actually heal cancer? Can we trust the maverick physician, Kenneth Maclean’s reports of 40 years ago, that observed cancers controlled in animals and humans by a magnetic field? How much faith can we put in an observation made by myself of a fast growing, multi-colored, sore mole, which dried up and peeled off under the influence of a negative magnetic field?

This was the dilemma and crisis Katherine and I found ourselves suddenly thrust into. We cried, our children cried. The decision was for her to enter a research program that had qualified itself for FDA approval with its appropriate Institutional Review Board and appropriate monitoring of cases being treated with a negative magnetic field.

For the first week she was treated with a neodymium disc magnet which was 1″ across and 1/4″ thick of 12,300 gauss. She was treated only when asleep at night. The mole continued to grow and the edge became wider and more notched than originally. The magnet was barely the size of the surface of the mole tumor. A more vigorous time exposure was obviously needed and the magnetic field needed to be larger. The tumor was then exposed to a ceramic disc magnet 1 1/ 2″ across, 3/8″ thick of 3,950 gauss.

She was then treated 24 hours a day. The tumor stopped growing with 24-hour a day exposure to a negative magnetic field. It took one month of 24-hour a day treatment before the soreness at the base of the tumor disappeared. After the soreness disappeared, the tumor gradually began to recede and dry up. Ten weeks after daily treatment the tumor had dried up and skin had grown under the tumor except for a very small area. In lifting the tumor to see if skin had completely grown under the tumor it broke loose leaving a very small area where the skin had not grown under the tumor. There was a depression below the skin into subcutaneous tissue. A small “tag” area around the edge of the mole was still present.

This continued to be treated with the neodymium magnet 1″ across; however, for convenience sake, was not treated 24 hours a day, but treated at night and part of the time during the day. After one week, it was noted, this “tag” area was slowly growing again. This area again became sore. 24 hour a day exposure to the neodymium magnet was again started and within 24 hours the soreness was gone. It took another three weeks before complete healing had occurred.

A biopsy was not done. The judgment that this was a malignant melanoma was based on appearance, rapidness of growth, and invasion of subcutaneous fat. This was classic of a nodular malignant melanoma with invasion of subcutaneous fat. After the tumor had shriveled up and fallen off, it was examined by a pathologist, who provided the microscopic description of “keretin material, non-diagnostic.”

Lessons that were learned during this research

  1. A negative magnetic field can reverse a fast growing melanoma with a classic appearance of a malignant melanoma.
  2. It requires 24 hour a day exposure to inhibit the tumor growth. This was in contrast to having observed night treatment only while sleeping for reversal of a basal cell carcinoma in six weeks.
  3. It requires direct application of the magnetic field to inhibit a melanoma.
  4. It required two, three, or more months of 24 hour a day exposure to a negative magnetic field to adequately treat a malignant melanoma.
  5. A diagnosis cannot be made from the shriveled up remnant of a tumor after treatment with a negative magnetic field.
  6. To scientifically prove that a negative magnetic field can cure malignant melanoma or other malignancies a biopsy before and after negative magnetic field exposure will be required. This will need to be an animal experiment to avoid metastatic spread in human research subject.
  7. Cancer cells slowly die during exposure to a constant negative magnetic field from a solid state magnet with a gauss strength of 2000 or more.
  8. Normal body cells respond to a negative magnetic field with normal cellular differentiation that governs growth and healing.

Single cases such as this have provided the inspiration of a mission for me to find out how consistently a negative magnetic field will reverse cancer. It is unscientific and unethical to claim single anecdotal cases such as this as evidence of a cure no matter how brilliantly convincing single cases appear to be. Surely these single cases justify the large scale definitive and expensive studies necessary to find out if indeed a negative magnetic field energy is capable of curing cancer. How consistently will malignant melanomas die, new skin grow under the dead mole, and the dry and withered mole fall off? How often will brain tumors, breast cancers, bone cancers, prostate cancers, and any other neoplasm die in the presence of a sustained negative magnetic field?

Theoretical reasons why a negative magnetic field should be capable of curing cancer

  1. A negative magnetic field is vasoconstricting. Cancers are known to be very vascular. The vasoconstriction would reduce nutrition to the cancer.
  2. A negative magnetic field is oxygenating. The likely source of the oxygen is the negative magnetic energy providing for the enzymatic energy reversal of end products of biological reduction including acids, hydrogen peroxide, and oxygen-free radicals in which oxygen can be released from these products back to the molecular oxygen state.
  3. A negative magnetic field gives evidence of reversing free radicals, hydrogen peroxide, and acids to release molecular oxygen.
  4. A negative magnetic field alkalinizes the tissues.
  5. A negative magnetic field provides for detoxification of the toxins from the cancer through the process of oxidation.
  6. A negative magnetic field gives evidence of being anti-viral by the process of oxidation.

These theoretical postulations need to be systematically laboratory tested.

We desperately need the definitive studies making it both scientific and ethical to claim that a negative magnetic field can and does cure cancer. I do not claim a negative magnetic field cures cancer. My only claim is that we are abundantly justified in doing definitive research to find out if a negative magnetic field can indeed either help or cure cancer.