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New Breed Nutritional Improvement Program By Alan H. Nittler, M.D.

Detoxification – methods used to relieve the body of accumulated and stored toxins from elements such as: pesticides, fungicides and other contaminants in our food supply – is usually an essential part of an alternative healing program. Alan Nittler, M.D., now deceased, used the following techniques in his practice. Although I strongly recommend detoxification should be supervised by a competent guide, at least for the first time, I have decided to print this article just to acquaint you with some of the detoxification systems – Ruth Sackman, Editor.


If you are a neophyte to nutritional concepts, you are probably beginning to wonder which way is up. Even to one somewhat indoctrinated into nutritional concepts, the specifics may be a bit strange or confusing. Let me try to explain: The goal of my Nutritional Improvement Program is to give your body every advantage to function under optimal nutritional conditions. In order to accomplish this, certain ground rules must be followed. Basically, they are to cleanse the body, to feed it the correct foods, to supply the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, to provide optimal enzymes and to be as sure as possible that the body is capable of utilizing these items put into the mouth. This is only one of the several integral parts of the reason for the Nutrition Program whose motto is: To locate, identify and correct nutritional deficiencies.

What to Do to Cleanse the Body:

The three day apple juice cleansing program is probably the simplest and easiest to accomplish. All you do is consume four quarts of unfiltered apple juice per day for the three days if you weigh about 150 lb. Add a quart each day if you weigh 50 lbs. more and subtract it if you weigh 50 lbs. less. Be sure to drink the full quota each day. It may prove to be a chore for you, but it is necessary.

It is better to overdrink the quota than to underdrink. On the evening of the third day, take a mixture of four ounces each of lemon juice and olive oil, mix with an egg beater and drink immediately. That is all there is to it. If you are extra thirsty during the day, you may have some pure distilled water.

An alternative method, if you choose not to use apple juice, is to substitute grape juice or watermelon. If possible, get organic juice as sold in health food stores. The grape juice should be diluted 1:3 with distilled water.

A third choice would be to utilize the lemon juice fast. Here you freshly squeeze eight ounces of lemon juice and dilute to 1 1/2 quarts with pure water. This is your major intake for the day. Space intake over the day by taking two ounces each time. Additionally, on the first day, take 2 tablespoonfuls of beet juice, four on the second and eight on the third day. That is the total program.

During the three day fast, regardless of which method is used, you are not to take any vitamin, mineral or other type tablet or medication or supplement unless specifically told to do so. Drugs prescribed by your doctor are another story since he is the one and only one to judge as to whether they are to be taken or not. You may drink fluid in the form of pure water if desired, but nothing else. The point is to give the body as much chance as possible to eliminate toxins, thus the less effort needed to handle immediate intake problems, the more energy there is to cleanse the body.

What to Expect from Body Cleansing:

You can expect to have good feelings. You will begin to think and function better in all regards. However, you certainly can expect to have frequent, loose and aromatic stools. They may be black in color if your liver has been sluggish. You may even find some stones in the stool if you examine the contents thoroughly. These used to be gallstones!

Another possibility exists, If your body cleanses very rapidly and your excretory organs (liver, bowel’s, kidneys, skin and hangs) cannot handle the overload, the poisons that you are liberating from the tissues can actually poison yourself. You are poisoning yourself with your own poisons. This will make you feel poorly or downright sick. The symptoms are commonly respiratory, but they could be the same old complaints that you have had for years. Coming down with a severe chest cold is a common occurrence. You will suffer, but it is a good thing if you can stand it. It means more thorough cleansing. However, if you cannot, do not be discouraged, but just add some fruit into your dietary to slow the cleansing processes. It thus becomes more bearable for you but you have lost some of the value of the program and can try again in four weeks. Do not be discouraged since you have gained somewhat and can look forward to a less difficult second attempt.

How to Come Off the Fast:

NEVER start eating all you desire immediately after coming off the fast. This will put you right back where you were before the fast almost immediately. What you should do is to start eating fruit along with your juices. Do not eat citrus fruits from this time onward. Gradually add in more fruit, then more raw vegetables as salads. Other foods can then be included. The process of de-fasting should take about a week or longer if you desire.

New Breed Enrichment Dietary:

The primary aim of the dietary is to provide the body with maximum nutrients and minimal calories. This allows maximum benefit and little chance of obesity. Foods with maximum nutritive value and minimal caloric content include the raw, fresh, unprocessed foods grown organically.

Basically, your dietary should include whole foods, commonly called natural and organic. The more varieties consumed, the more likely you have not allowed deficiencies to creep in. One should make selection from 1) fruits and vegetables, 2) proteins (meat, fish, fowl, eggs), 3)

grains and 4) dairy products (cheese, yogurt, and cream) . These products should be eaten as raw as possible and freshly gathered. Exception to this rule are foods that are likely to be infested with parasites. Animal foods are particularly susceptible to infestation and contamination.

Anthropological studies indicate that man is both a carnivore and an herbivore, called an omnivore. New Breed Enrichment Diet suggests that animal protein is needed for health. If animal food is not wholesome, it is because it is contaminated and not because of the contents itself. Be sure to choose quality animal protein for your own use. Adequacy of stomach hydrochloric acid tends to guard the body from infestations.

Lipids are extremely important to the body. Lipids, commonly called fats and oils, are found in vital areas of all cells of the body. Normal cellular metabolism or biochemical activities cannot take place in the absence of good fats and oils. Good fats and oils do not come from hydrogenated oils or homogenized products. Clear oils, even as found in health food stores, are not good lipids. Good lipids come from avocados (fresh raw), nuts and seeds (also fresh and raw), cream and fertile eggs. Raw eggs (organic) are a very high quality food. Good lipids cause high blood cholesterol, uric acid and triglycerides to decrease. They also improve liver function.

Thus, we see that a good dietary consists of protein, lipid and moderate complex carbohydrate. Complex carbohydrates are the polysaccharides that the body must work for in extracting energy and does not include sugar or easily available sweets. Choose foods from each of the major categories which are whole foods and then consume a variety of them each meal. This makes a whole dietary consisting of whole foods for feeding a whole body.


Enzymes, in a sense, are not nutrients since they do not become digested or metabolized. They are, however, very important since they do cause digestion and metabolism to take place. They are normally found in raw foods. These raw, natural type compounds from both animal and plant sources are taken into the system to bolster the enzyme integrity of the body. They have both digestive and metabolic functions. There seems to be no overdose possible with enzyme intake.

As supplements, special proteolytic enzymes ensure digestive capability as well and more importantly, absorption into the system. They are, therefore, taken at meal time and also at special between meal times. When needed, these enzymes are of utmost importance to nutritionally unbalanced persons.

Rest and Exercise:

During the three day fast, it is most desirable to obtain as much rest as practical. You are certainly not expected to do more than your usual life pattern, but even the usual should be reduced. Give your body maximum cooperation in its cleansing procedures. Therefore, during the first few days of the Nutritional Improvement Program allow yourself as much time for physical and emotional rest as possible.

Likewise, exercise should be less strenuous.


The Nutritional Improvement Program can be effective in order to attain nutritional homeostasis. It is unrealistic to expect your body to become cleansed in just three days. Do it routinely for maximum benefits.

After attaining nutritional homeostasis, the Nutritional Improvement Program can be repeated quarterly or semi-annually for maintenance.