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Our 53rd Year

Who’s Minding the Store? By Ruth Sackman

There are four government units assigned the task of looking after the health of the American people. These are the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA). They were established originally to function as consumer protection agencies because it was assumed that industry was capable of representing itself, whereas the consumer needed advocacy. We can assume from their performance that these so-called “watchdog” agencies have evolved into something alarmingly different: buffers for industry.

During the many years these agencies have been in existence, we have been suffering from a steady rise in health problems including a rise in the incidence of cancer. AIDS (autoimmune deficiency syndrome) , Lyme’s disease and CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), all newly developed diseases, have become common problems. Is this all a quirk of nature or is it related to the proliferation of toxic chemical pollutants which have been approved by these very consumer protection agencies which are responsible for the introduction of thousands of new toxic substances into the environment? Never in the history of mankind has the environment been so inundated with so many new substances whose cumulative effects are unknown and untested. There have been many instances in which approved chemicals have had to be withdrawn because consumer groups, not our federal protection agencies, have done independent investigations proving harm, thus, forcing the government organizations to take appropriate action.

Let’s take a look at some of the decisions of these consumer protection agencies.


  • EPA raised the legal level of fluoride that can be added to our precious drinking water in spite of the hard scientific evidence that fluoride is a toxic chemical that inhibits enzyme activity which is essential for food metabolism, leaches lead into drinking water, causes bone and liver cancer according to the National Toxicology Program (NTP), a government sponsored report, while not reducing cavities as claimed. (Fluoridated and unfluoridated communities have the same rate of dental cavities.)
  • Dr. William Marcus, senior toxicologist at EPA, was fired because as a scientist he felt obligated to inform the public that EPA was covering up the carcinogenicity of fluoride by labeling the NTP report on fluoride “equivocal,” a word which, while not conveying rejection of the carcinogenicity findings, leaves the agency a loophole to weasel out of any repercussions that may result. EPA’s position disregarded the testimony by reputable scientists about the report’s accuracy.
  • EPA was sued by Dr. Marcus and ordered reinstated by the court. He was also awarded compensation of $50,000. The case was reviewed as is customary by Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor, who stated, “The true reason for the discharge was retaliation.” Although re-instatement has been ordered by Robert Reich and the court, EPA has yet to comply.
  • EPA had to be sued by the Environmental Defense Fund for violating the Delaney Amendment which declares it illegal to use any substance that can cause cancer when ingested by man or animal. Instead of abiding by the decision, EPA’s response has been to petition Congress to repeal the Delaney Amendment.


  • FDA approved genetic engineering to alter tomatoes as though nature has made an error which man can improve upon. When consumer groups question the potential dangers and the lack of long-term studies, agency officials blithely insist on the safety of these man-manipulated foods.
  • FDA approved irradiation of food, which studies show alters the natural components of food. No studies have been done to determine the long-term effects. Consumers have become guinea pigs and the laboratory is anywhere in the world where people live and work.
  • FDA has attacked the health food industry with an aggressiveness not demonstrated against the pharmaceutical or chemical industry. FDA agents have entered health related establishments with guns drawn and confiscated costly supplies and equipment.
  • FDA has approved the use of a bovine growth hormone (BGH) to increase milk production in spite of the fact that it causes infections of the udder for which antibiotics are used. I met a young man who had been given a growth hormone when he was 15 years old. At the age of 25, married with 2 children, he was unable to work because of extreme fatigue and the family had to be maintained on welfare. His body was devoid of hair – head, underarm, pubic and all body hair. It was my impression that he had aged prematurely. Has FDA determined the long-term effect of added growth hormone in milk starting at birth?
  • DES, a substance used to get beef to market early, was removed only after pressure from private groups outside of the agency who proved that DES caused endometrial cancer and other gynecological problems.
  • Red Dye was withdrawn only after pressure from private groups outside of the agency who proved it was carcinogenic.
  • Alar was withdrawn only after a report by Ed Bradley on the TV program “60 Minutes” revealed how hazardous it was.


  • CDC pushed the panic button when one soldier at Fort Dix died of what CDC called “swine flu” (whoever heard of swine flu?) CDC urged the vaccination of the entire American population. Many people trusting this government agency took the injections which caused more harm than the flu. Some people died; some were incapacitated with Epstein-Barr Syndrome; others struggled for a long time to overcome the disastrous effects.


USDA allows tons of toxic chemicals to be sprayed on plants to control pests and to be added to the soil to promote growth because the soil is depleted due to poor farming techniques. (And the vicious cycle feeds on itself.)

Do you feel, as I do, that it is time to petition your government to revamp these institutions? If so, let your elected representatives know your views. People have more power to effect change than they realize, but your elected officials need to know what you want in order to serve you. Let them hear from you!