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Vegetable Power By Carlson Wade

This article, designed to show the power of vegetables in breaking down fat for weight loss, is also important information for the cancer patient.

Here is a list of nature’s own diuretics to help burn up your body fat:

Asparagus contains asparagine, an alkaloid that can stimulate your Iddneys, improving waste removal. The liquid portion of the asparagus brealcs up oxalic acid crystaLs which tend to “glue” fat onto your cells. Once this “shell” has been pried loose, the “locked in” fat can be washed out of your system.

Beets help the liver and kidneys flush out floating body fats. The iron in beets helps clean excessive fat accumulation from blood cells. They also contain natural chlorine that washes fat from the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder. And they tend to stimulate the vitality of the blood lymph which circulates through the adipose, helping dislodge fatty deposits.

Brussel Sprouts stimulate the pancreas to release hormones. And the minerals in the vegetable stimulate the kidneys to release water as well. Together, the hormones and water then flush the adipose.

Cabbage whether raw, steamed or juiced, is very high in sulphur and iodine which clean the mucous membranes in your stomach and intestinal tract. Cabbage is particularly helpful for people with “pot bellies” because it also helps break down the fat in the cells of the stretched skin on your stomach.

Carrots are a primary source of carotene, which breaks down into vitamin A and nourishes cells and tissues. As your digestive system transforms the carotene into vitamin A, your metabolism accelerates and your other vital systems also speed up. This activity vibrates the adipose cells and dislodges fat.

Celery has a high concentration of ready-to-use calcium which energizes your endocrine system, speeding up hormone production and brseaking down fatty deposits in cells. Celery is also high in magnesium and iron which both nourish the blood cells and help in elimination of wastes.

Cucumbers can help cool inflammation in adipose cells and restore a balance between acid and alkalines. This loosens body wastes for.removal. Cucumbers are also high in sulphur and silicon, two minerals that help your lddneys wash waste from your system. And they are high in potassium which stimulates the glands, helping to break down fat.

Garlic is the most powerful natural diuretic. It is the main source for mustard oils which cause waves of muscular action, loosening and washing away fat. A clove of garlic each day also helps break down stubborn clumps of fat.

Horseradish just a half teaspoon a dayactually dissolves fat right in the cells and then acts as a solvent and cleanser.

Endive works in minutes to stimulate the metabolism and wash body cells.

Lettuce contains iron and magnesium which go to your spleen and liver. Your spleen supercharges the minerals with power, then sends them through the bloodstream to the body’s cells and tissues where they wash the fat-covered cells. Lettuce minerals also stimulate the blood vesssels and nervegiving your body a youthful metabolism.

Romaine Lettuce is high in potassium which stimulates the adrenal glands to release hormones that melt fat.

Onions should be eaten daily. They have oils and minerals that disrupt fatty deposits.

Sauerkraut (fermented without salt scours the mucous membranes of your entire body. Four ounces of sauerlcraut juice a day performs a doublebarreled task: It loosens and breaks down fat particles and flushes them out on its own liquids.

Radish juices scrub the mucous membranes, striking hardest at encrusted fatty clumps. They also have a high concentration of iron and magnesium.

Tomato, as a vegetable or juice, is naturally high in citric-malic-oxalic acids which seem to accelerate the metabolism. The natural acids combine with its enzyme-activated minerals to help your kidneys filter fatty deposits from your bloodstream.

Apple Cider Vinegar can be mixed with herbs and oil as a delicious salad dressing. Because of the fermentation, it creates acids which join with alkaline elements and minerals to scrub the celLs. It is also stored in your system as glycogen and then used regularly in a “time release” fat washing. Apple cider vinegar even has a powerhouse of potassium which acts as an antiseptic to fat burdened cells.