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You And Your Liver By Thomas E. Durst, M.A.

Max Gerson, M.D. who ran a cancer clinic in Nanuet, New York and wrote the book A Cancer Therapy, Results of Fifty Cases, used Kasper Blond’s book, The Liver and Cancer, mentioned below, as a guide for improving the liver.

There is scarcely a function or a malady of the human body that cannot be related either directly or indirectly to the liver. The liver is both an organ and a gland the largest gland of the body in fact. It constitutes about 1-50th of your total body weight. Your emotional, physical and mental health is vitally affected by the health of your liver.

Your liver can determine your blood sugar levels and thus your sense of well being either positively or negatively. The toxins in your body and how they may relate to the function of every system and individual organ are related to the liver. Some say that there is a vital link between the liver and nutrition and the mind. If liver function is adequate, there will be an even flow of blood sugar and other vital nutrients throughout the body to produce stability of total body function.

If too high, a toxic level builds up in the body, the adrenals and nervous system will be overstressed. This will result in symptoms of exhaustion and depression that are scarcely ever diagnosed as related to adrenal function. These toxins will also provide the type of environment which will promote the proliferation of unfriendly bacteria in the colon. These unfriendly bacteria in turn produce nutritional deficiencies and more toxic stress. Then, whatever area of your body is weakened through your heredity will begin to malfunction. With one person it may be degeneration in the nervous system resulting in a disease such as Multiple Sclerosis. With someone else it might be heart disease, arthritis or whatever. The toxins will attack and debilitate weakened areas or organs of the body. More often than not, we inherit weakened organs from our forefathers and this is the reason why different types of symptoms are produced in different people. The degenerative diseases are organ problems—not disease germs as we have in infectious diseases.

The liver acts as a filtration system in our body and handles the toxins we produce ourselves, as well as environmental toxins such as pesticides, insecticides, artificial colors, synthetic preservatives, harmful chemicals and even such poisons as are present in cosmetics and hair dyes. When this load of poisons becomes more than five main channel& of elimination of the body can handle, they are stored in the fatty tissues.

Science has yet to spell out just how these stored toxins in the body may combine and form yet other toxins and just how insidiously these may affect the function of the human body. The tip of the iceberg is starting to surface and the information is indeed sobering.

Because of the large amount of exterior poisons that we are constantly bombarded with, it behooves everyone of us to be sure that we have daily supplements of such items as high quality chapparal or other cleansing herbs to counteract this vast array of toxic matter. When the liver cannot handle the poisons that are not eliminated from the body, the “back up” begins to affect the adrenals, nervous system, heart, pancreas, and other vital parts of the body. The liver supplies the heart muscle with fuel also and so in later stages of inadequate liver function toxins will enter the heart, lungs and brain.

Dr. Kasper Blond, M.D. in his book, The Liver and Cancer, states his conclusions about the importance of liver function:

“All ‘hepatophaogenic agents’ provoking liver damage and resulting in cirrhosis can produce cancers, not only primary liver tumors, but cancers in general, particularly in the alimentary tract and in the lungs. All carcinomata, sarcomata, leukemias, Hodgkin’s disease, and other malignancies are the result of liver damage caused by deficient food (malnutrition) or by chemicals added to the food (chemical compounds used for preservation of food, especially derivatives of tar), by dyes added to food, or by parasitic infestation, by alcoholism and drugs, by infections affecting the liver such as syphilis, by X-rays and radioactive substances.”

Dr. Blond stresses the fact that cancer is really a social and nutritional problem and can only be solved on the basis of prevention rather than by the conventional medical approaches. He points out that, if the millions of dollars being spent trying to find some drug-type cancer cure were used towards providing quality control in food production, many of the primary carcinogens in modem food would be removed and thus eliminate one of the major causes of cancer.

The good news is that the liver is probably the most restorable organ in the human body. No doubt our Creator planned it that way in His infinite wisdom. With such procedures as a natural food diet and elimination of known harmful substances much can be done. Then there are valuable herbal aids such as Barberry, Devil’s Claw, and Beet Powder, which is also available in capsule form. Beet powder makes a drink that tastes like freshly juiced beets. This is a tremendous tonic for the liver. Chaparral is another valuable aid in cleansing the liver as well as other parts of the body.