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Aluminum By Dr. R.R. Kahle, Kalispell, Montana

I am herewith reproducing an article from the chemical laboratory at Washington, D.C., which is self-explanatory and is well worth preserving so that this information may be passed on to your friends. Almost every kitchen is full of aluminumware which is undermining the health of our nation.

“That: Boiling water in aluminum produces hydro-oxide poison. Cooking an egg in aluminum phosphate. Boiling meat in aluminum chloride. Frying bacon in aluminum – a powerful narcotic acid, which produces coma, and in excessive doses, death. Boiling soda water in aluminum produces hydro-oxide of sodium. All vegetables cooked in aluminum are made poisonous by the production of hydro-oxide acid, a drug produced by boiling water in aluminum which neutralizes the digestive juices of the stomach, robbing them of their value to digest food and producing stomach and gastro-intestinal disorders, such as ulcers of the stomach and colitis.

“This poison will produce acidosis of the blood, which destroys the red blood cells, which produces a condition similar to anemia.

“The sale of aluminum for cooking purposes is prohibited in Germany, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Hungary and Brazil.” From the findings of Dr. H.A. McGeigan for the Federal Trade Commission in Docket Case No. 540, Washington, D.C.

Here is authoritative information that is unquestionably correct as to the damage done from the use of aluminum cooking utensils. After reading the above governmental report, perhaps that explains (at least in part) why so many people are afflicted with stomach and bowel trouble.