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Our 53rd Year

Hy Radin – Cancer Survivor 23 Years Later By Hy Radin

I always believed faithfully in our medical profession. Just listen to your doctor, “Don’t worry, we have a major pill for everything.” So I ate hot dogs, smoked, and boozed. Being in the advertising business didn’t help. I helped advertise, promote, and market drugs, junk foods, petroleum, and services. There were many times my clients and I wound up in a bar in town or on a flight where we indulged in the niceties of life.

At 35 years of age, I blew up like a balloon to 198 lbs. (I was only 5 feet, 7.) Lo and behold, I had become a diabetic.

Of course, I got the best doctor with a fancy Park Ave. address. “It’s easy,” the doctor said, “don’t worry, we have the best drugs now. You don’t need insulin; we have a magic pill. I’m putting you on Orinase.” He didn’t warn me about the side effects, and what do you know, after many years I got arteriosclerosis. It suddenly dawned on me that I had better start learning not to blindly trust these doctors who don’t warn you about these unknown causes or side effects. Anytime I get a drug now from my doctor, I make sure I get the sheet of warnings from my pharmacist. He must give it to me. I read and study it.

The doctors I’ve met have known nothing about nutrition. The diet I got from my doctor was a printed sheet from a dietitian and, if you have been in any hospital, you have seen the worst food in the world, prepared usually by a dietitian. The food is lousy; there is no other word for it, and it lacks the nourishment the body requires.

Well, 17 years later I had pains in my back so I went to another specialist, one who took care of football players and fighters. He diagnosed it as a torn muscle. I had to see him 2 or 3 times a week for about 6 months. I left his office on Oct. 17, 1967 and collapsed in the street.

I got a cab and went to my family doctor. He immediately put me into Lenox Hill Hospital, and after x-rays and biopsies, I finally got the message: I had cancer in my spine and had to have surgery as the cancer was eating my 4th and 5th vertebrae. I was warned that this must be done immediately or they would not be responsible if I never walked again. Well, after surgery, I had 10 double shots of cobalt (200 rads) and chemotherapy.

Only a cancer victim would know my feeling. I was completely devastated. Why me? I went through more pain because of the spinal surgery and those bad miserable doctors who never gave me enough pain killers. It was so bad that I welcomed death! Somehow I managed to leave that hospital after 36 days of torture. They said I was terminal and couldn’t last 3 weeks.

I have a friend, Lou Kashins, who had been after me for 20 years to go “natural” all vegetarian and follow Dr. William Howard Hay’s program. What did I have to lose now? I started this therapy myself because I couldn’t find a doctor who had enough guts to monitor me. After six weeks, I found Dr. Maxmillian LeWitter, who then went over my records and said, “Yes, I like this program; I know of Dr. Hay and his work.” He didn’t change anything I was doing except to cut down on the huge amounts of Vitamin A and D that I was using as this was in the danger zone.

Basically the program used was very simple. It had two parts: 1) a purge lasting 3 days and 2) nutrition lasting the rest of my life. I want to tell you it worked. I knew about two months later that it was working! Hey, I was still alive, my eyes cleared, and my pains disappeared all without drugs. And my energy was coming back. I was walking again without crutches.

For someone like me who was basically a meat and potatoes man, this was a new life style. I can say it was not easy. I had to change my life style of eating completely! My diet for one year was strictly vegetarian, but I ran into some problems and had to go into proteins like fish and eggs. I added fish (5 oz.) and eggs, soft-boiled or poached. When I ate eggs one day, I had fish the next.

There were no substitutions of junk foods and no coffee, tea, sugar, salt or spices. You must stick to the diet! Read the book, How to Always Be Well by William Howard Hay, M.D.

I had two enemas and 2-8 oz. glasses of carrot and celery juice a day. I finally cut down to one enema and one glass of carrot and celery juice a day, then finally no enemas and no juices. This is part of the detox program. As I felt better, I started to slowly get my strength back. Finally, it worked; there was no cancer detected after one year.

Now, 23 years later the cancer reactivated. In early June, 1990, a growth on my left jaw coming from the parotid gland appeared. The doctors wanted biopsies, surgery, etc. I said, “No,” and went on the Dr. William H. Hay program again.

It’s now 5 months later and I feel great. The growth has become slightly smaller. I’m hoping it will disappear entirely. I’m sticking to the program, playing golf weekdays, weather permitting, and I know that I have the cancer licked again.

And do you know what? I test my urine every morning and for the past 2 months the tests show no trace of sugar at all! Only a diabetic will know what I mean. I’ve taken no insulin or drug of any kind for 23 years. And believe it or not, I eat at least 7 or 8 pieces of fruit a day.

Usually, I start breakfast with a large piece of watermelon. A half-hour later I eat more fruit with plain yogurt or cereal with nuts and seeds. Lunch is often a fruit salad with nuts and seeds. Dinner is generally fish (about 5 oz.) and a vegetable salad with nuts and seeds. I have a snack between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner, and sometimes between dinner and bedtime.

Yes, the Hay Therapy has taught me many things: Stop what’s causing the problem because “cure” is never anything less than removal of the cause or causes, whatever these may be, and anything that does not meet these specifications can be nothing more than palliative at best. And keep in mind that internal filth or toxicity is the only cause of most disease.

I have had other problems like cataracts in both eyes. After going to my ophthalmologist, I asked if he knew of Dr. Bates’ natural therapy for better eyesight without glasses, curing cataracts and glaucoma. He laughed and said, “Don’t go to quacks.” So I walked out and tried a natural way myself and dissolved the cataracts. I can’t believe that I was so blind for so many years and accepted everything my doctor said!

Remember, I’m talking about myself and some of my experiences. As far as I’m concerned, I advocate eating raw foods when Fm sick. This has reduced my fatigue and restored my energy.

If your will power is strong enough and you give nature every ounce of cooperation, you would be surprised at the satisfactory results that follow. Unfortunately, most of us seek pain-killing remedies For instant relief instead of the slower and more tedious but decidedly more certain and permanent methods which aid nature in cleaning and rebuilding the body in order that our lives may be longer and more vital.

Yes, this is 23 years later. I’m 76 years old and still full of vim and vigor. I’ve run into some problems in trying to extend my diet. I couldn’t handle regular milk, so I went to soy milk, and boy, did I get it! My body reacted violently. I had the runs and then the opposite, constipation. I found that soy milk is very acid and contains about 17% more phosphorus, about 400% more sulphur than human milk, both these elements being acid-forming. What I’m trying to say is that once you take a good food like soybeans and then process it to death, you don’t have the same natural product. It’s like taking an orange and juicing it; instead of eating the whole orange with its vitamin C and bioflavinoids, you’re getting mostly citric acid which destroys the vitamins necessary for a good life.

Good benefits can be obtained by juicing raw vegetables as they contain all the minerals, enzymes, chemical elements, vitamins, calories, and amino acids. What a life you can get! Try it, you’ll like it!