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Benefit of Minerals By J.M. Jussawalla, N.D.

Food minerals are the building stones of the body and human cells.

The real secret of health, vitality, mental and physical efficiency, youthfulness and long life is a well balanced body chemistry.

Science has determined that the human body is made of the following chemical elements:


Calcium is the executive element, the strong, enduring chemical which gives you long life and good blood.

Lack of calcium: Poor teeth, weak blood, bone weakness and undernourishment.

Sources: Cheese, almonds, egg yolk, raw cabbage, turnips, dry beans, dry figs.


This master chemical keeps the life force in harmony, gives wannth and ambition. It is the vehicle of oxygen in blood.

Lack of iron brings about anemia, poor resistance, a run-down and weakened condition.

Sources: Almonds, dates, dry figs, graham bread, lentils, prunes, raisins, walnuts, spinach, asparagus.


This life chemical is consumed with every thought and is needed badly by all types who do mental or indoor work. It nourishes the brain and nerves, aids the growth of bone, teeth and hair, prevents fatigue,

Lack of phosphorus: Mental fatigue, poor bone development, neurasthenia.

Sources: Almonds, apples, asparagus,cabbage, radishes, lettuce, cucumber, celery, oatmeal, corn on cob.


It purifies and tones the system and is a beautifier which makes the hair glossy, prompts bile secretion. Enables the liver to take up the elements.

Lack of suphur causes failure of the liver to handle its materials properly and the piling up of impurities.

Sources: Cabbage, oatmeal, onions, peaches radishes, eggs, kidney beans, lentils.


The alkalinizer, the digestive chemical, prevents catarrh, deafness, hardening processes. Sodium enables the body to take up iron.

Lack of sodium causes indigestion, iron insufficiency, old age deposits.

Sources: Apricots, apples, asparagus, beets, cabbage, carrots.


Purpose: This heals, aids muscular activity, good loolcs and versatility and relieves pain. It prevents constipation, invigorates and stimulates the liver.

Lack of potassium causes liver disorders, constipation, pimples, prevents sores from healing.

Sources: Apricots, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, grapefruit, limes, muskmelon, olives, oranges, peaches, pineapple, prunes, oats, onion, tomatoes.


Purpose: This chemical provides improved resistance, generates poise and strong nerves. Hysteria and neurotic conditions are brought about by a lack of of manganese.

Sources: Almonds, barley, egg yolk, walnuts.


Purpose: This prevents pyorrhea, excessive fat, auto-intoxication, keeps joint and tendons supple. Lack of chlorine generates undue accumulation of waste matter.

Sources: Bananas, cabbage, celery, cheese, coconut, dates, egg whites, lettuce, oatmeal, pineapple, spinach, tomatoes.


Purpose: This chemical makes the hair glossy, hardens the teeth, improVes the eyesight and complexion, and above all, makes for an optimistic outlook on life.

Lack of silicon shows itself in baldness, grey hair, skin diseases, exzema, pimples, blotches, liver marks and also a tendency to catch any infection that happens to be about.

Sources: Apples (skins), asparagus, beets, black figs, cabbage, celery, cucumber, radishes, grapes (skin), lettuce, spinach, strawberries.

Arsenic, zinc, copper and chromium are minerals found in very minute quantites or just a trace in the body.