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The Liver – The Body’s Real Workhorse By Ruth Sackman

The heart is considered by medical standards the most important organ of the body because if it stops beating, we die. But the liver is the real workhorse. It has about 300 tasks to take care of and when it is working properly it does them most efficiently. Nearly every human ailment relates directly or indirectly to the health of the liver.

Three of its most important and essential tasks are cleansing the bloodstream, providing a host of digestive secretions to metabolize our food and, last but not least, it is the primary healing organ. “The first thing a patient should do is find out all about how the body heals and what tool it uses to do the healing and what can be done to get this great tool back into peak condition,” writes Dr. Leo Roy in his book, Your Liver, Laboratory of Living.

Dr. Max Gerson also considered the liver the most crucial organ of the body and the breakdown of liver function as the cause of all cancers as well as other degenerative diseases. Therefore, the emphasis of his program was to relieve the liver of the burden of metabolizing fats and simultaneously emphasizing using liver support techniques to restore normal liver function.

Nature in its effort to reach its goal of restoring and maintaining health, which is its natural function, has been generous in providing herbs and foods to maintain and repair the liver and in Nature’s typical wisdom made it a reparable organ. If surgery is done on the liver, Nature’s tendency is to restore the damaged liver back to normal. This is Nature’s typical wisdom.

Thomas E. Durst, a nutritionist, claims that some of the symptoms of poor liver function may be restless sleep, nausea, painful joints, edema, headaches, itching, chills, heartburn, poor digestion, dark spots on the face, diabetes, anemia. etc. I don’t think there is anything he doesn’t attribute to poor liver function. He may be right but, we should not assume that if we have one of the above symptoms, it is a definite indicator of a liver problem. The symptoms can be attributed to many other health problems as well. This can be checked easily with a liver function test.

If I provide information about the complications that arise in our health due to a breakdown, then it is incumbent upon me to also present methods for alleviating the problems. Here are a few of the tools that can be used to strengthen and maintain good liver function:

Carrot juice is one of those wonderful foods that tends to cleanse, nourish, restore and maintain good liver function. No doubt that is why all biorepair programs include carrot juice. It contains a wide range of nutrients.

The juice usually causes yellowing of skin, not because of the yellow color of the carrot but, because it causes bile flow in the cleansing process.

Dandelion is considered a nuisance, a lowly weed, and discarded when it would be more beneficial if it were added to salads to help maintain good liver function.

Barberry, an herbal, is especially complimentary to liver function. It stimulates blood cleansing and bile flow. Bile flow helps to relieve a congested and sluggish liver of toxins that accumulate from the blood cleansing process.

Dr. Max Gerson used coffee enemas around the clock for his patients, for the express purpose of stimulating bile flow. The caffeine in the coffee was the stimulant. Brewing the coffee and instilling it into the colon is a tedious and time consuming job. Barberry will accomplish the same service in a much easier and more comfortable way.

Barberry must be considered a medicinal herb and used accordingly. It should not become a part of our daily routine but used periodically when there is a need for cleansing.

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