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Our 53rd Year

Tegison: Would You Take This?

In the mid 1990’s, we received this consent form from someone whose husband had been prescribed Tegison therapy for severe psoriasis that had not responded to standard drug treatments. It seems, when the man had gone to fill his prescription, the pharmacist handed him this release and told him to read it carefully before signing:

The patient decided not to sign. Instead, he followed the advice of his spouse and got on a good Biorepair program. After about 5 months – and a lot of detox and healthy eating later – he was completely psoriasis-free!

Tegison, developed by Hoffman-La Roche, was approved by the FDA in 1986. It was removed from the Canadian market in 1996 and the US market in 1998 because officials determined the risk of birth defects was too high. Evidently, the “horrible birth defects” were the deal breaker – not the other horrendous side effects, many of which are associated with other drugs, but are accepted as just part of the risk/benefit equation that comes with taking pharmaceutical medications.

How many more of today’s approved drugs should be removed, but will remain on the market for years to come until overwhelming evidence of widespread devastating effects tips the risk/benefit equation to unacceptable levels?

When will the medical establishment open its collective mind to other ways of treating so that patients don’t have to feel that drugs like this may be their only choice?

Conventional medicine has no “cure” for psoriasis. Rather, it is considered a chronic condition characterized by itchy, red, scaly patches on the skin that can flare up from time to time and usually be managed by pharmaceuticals. The cause is unknown, though often attributed to heredity or a misguided immune system (autoimmunity) which mistakes healthy cells for foreign material and, therefore,” attacks,” i.e., overreacts with inflammation.

From the Natural Healing/Biorepair point of view, psoriasis is clearly a disease of toxicity. The skin, with its countless pores, is the largest eliminative organ in the body. When the system is overloaded with toxic material, the immune system, if it has the vitality, works overtime to throw off the unwanted intruders using all channels – bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin. Thus, rashes, itching, pimples, flaky, peeling skin can appear – all symptoms of stuff trying to get out! If drugs are repeatedly taken to try to block the elimination, the overload increases and the immune system can become suppressed. The skin irritation may subside, but the stage is set for health problems down the line because the cause has not been addressed: toxic bio-accumulation or toxicity. The answer: detoxify! (and take a closer look at diet and other lifestyle habits, preferably with the guidance of an experienced practitioner).