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Recovering From Crohn’s Disease And MS By Leslie Howlett

My name is Leslie Howlett. I am 40 years old, married, with two great kids — Katie, 15, and Mike, 13. For most of my adult life I have had health issues.

I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (July ’91) and Multiple Sclerosis (April ’99). Dealing with Crohn’s disease was made temporarily better after a bowel resection and being put on anti-inflammatory medication, however there were always problems with weakness and malnutrition, which has also resulted in severe osteoporosis.

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis my husband and I were devastated and my children were very frightened. I was told by my family doctor that I could see the best neurologists in the country at an MS clinic in Boston. There I was told MS is progressive, crippling and there is no known cure. I was offered Prozac to deal with the anxiety and a new drug, Copaxone, which I was told slows the progression of MS in some people. I left the hospital in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe this was my life. I couldn’t believe I was going to end my days in a wheelchair.

This was the best the medical community had to offer and after I cried for about a week, I decided I was going to find a better way. After doing a lot of research, I decided I would approach the management of my health with a raw food and juice therapy diet and colon hydrotherapy.

I began working with a colonic therapist (C.N.) in Kittery, Maine in June of 1999. I understood the philosophy of putting only easily digestible nutrients into my body and cleansing out waste and toxins during colon hydrotherapy. Food was to be my medicine. Colon therapy would aid my compromised digestive system.

Before I started my new lifestyle I was only 118 pounds at 5’10”; I constantly felt tired and weak. Sometimes I would fall into bed at night exhausted, afraid that my body was too tired to keep breathing through the night. I had recurring bouts of optic neuritis and vertigo. I had trouble holding my urine. I would wake up and not be able to feel my arms or legs. I constantly had the sensation of bugs crawling up my legs or a hair across my face. Then I would have episodes when I would lose the use of my right leg or arm or lose the sensation in the right side of my body.

I was very depressed. I even considered suicide because I didn’t want to be an emotional burden and financial drain on my family. I cry as I write this, remembering the feelings I had when my children were taking care of me instead of me being able to take care of them.

My C.N. and her knowledge of nutrition and colon hydrotherapy have literally saved my life. Today I feel great. I am symptom-free of all MS and Crohn’s disease. I am a healthy weight of 140 pounds. I am able to work and take care of my family. I am able to work out, lift weights and have started running with my dogs. My energy level is fantastic and I require no prescription medication for my Crohn’s disease or MS.

I truly feel that I am healthier than I have been since my early childhood. Not only do I feel this way, but my doctor has done blood work to verify that my serum nutrient levels were, in his words, “perfect.” I will always need to maintain my current diet and colon hydrotherapy to stay healthy, but I feel the trade-off is well worth it.

I feel that nutrition and colon hydrotherapy can eliminate a dependence on pharmaceuticals that cost thousands of dollars a year and have risky side effects. Current medical treatments for MS and C
rohn’s only treat symptoms. I am getting better.