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Our 53rd Year

Pat Judson Battles For Alternatives By Pat Judson

My name is Pat Judson. I speak as an individual, a cancer patient who in 1970 was sent home to die by a doctor who told me there was nothing more traditional medicine could do for me. I was operated on for cancer of the colon after having doctored for several years for, what I was told, was colitis. When the pains became more frequent, I was told it was in my head and I only wanted to spend my husband’s money. One of the doctors who performed my surgery told me that I had the fastest growing type known to man and cobalt or chemotherapy would not help me. Expressing surprise that I even survived the surgery, he told me I had six months to a year to live. However, I was given diethylstilbestrol for hormone balance since they had also removed my ovaries. I have wondered many times why a medical doctor would prescribe a cancer producing drug to a cancer patient.

Despite that prediction, by the grace of God, I lived past the time the doctors had given me. In January 1972, almost two years after the original surgery, I experienced a recurrence of a blockage of the colon. I knew for a certainty that if I went back to my doctors who had done surgery on me, I would be immediately hospitalized. I looked for an understanding doctor. After he did what he could, he told me that I would have to return to my doctors for surgery; that I could not live three weeks like I was since my cancer had metastasized to the lymph glands. When I asked him how long he thought I could live with surgery, he expressed doubt and said “possibly three months.” After considerable thought, prayer and discussion with my family, I decided I could not endure another surgical ordeal. Surgery, for me, was no picnic. I chose instead to accept death, and trusted without question the judgement of the doctors who said nothing could be done to help me.

As you can see, I did not die. As I can attest, death is not the inevitable fate of the cancer victim. I learned of the work of a dentist in the state of Texas who was restoring cancer patients to health by nutritional therapy that he developed in the course of curing his own cancer. His name was Dr. William D. Kelley. I went to Dr. Kelley in January of 1972. I spent one day in his office for tests and diagnosis of my condition. Dr. Kelley determined from a blood sample, on which he then did a computer analysis, that I had a cancer index of 600, a critically high level. On the basis of that analysis, he devised a regimen of diet, rest, exercise, and detoxification. He did not promise me that I would be cured of my cancer; he merely told me to follow the regimen he had prescribed for me and come back in six months.

After five months of a very rigorous program, which required a complete change in lifestyle for me and my family—I returned to Dr. Kelley for a check-up. I had become accustomed to a daily routine of enemas prescribed to detoxify, warm showers, sitz baths, sweat baths, long walks, a diet of raw grains, nuts, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and vitamin supplements. Also, I was told to leave sugar and white flour alone. My cancer index dropped from 600 to 300. Not only did it appear that my cancer was under control, but I can truthfully say that I felt better than I had ever felt in my life, even before the onset of my illness.

I might add that at this visit to Dr. Kelley we were all checked. We had a daughter at the age of ten who was unable to read or write. We were amazed at her progress with her studies as were her teachers and we had a hard time keeping books from her. My husband and I experienced many agonizing hours with doctors and school personnel before our discovery about nutrition and we wonder why doctors are so opposed to it.

Now many years after I was told there was nothing that could be done for me, except to relieve my pain, I am in excellent health. I was able to carry a heavy schedule as President of the former Metro-Detroit chapter of the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (FACT), an organization formed and dedicated to gather and disseminate information about alternative forms of cancer therapy, and to make that information available to people, who, like myself, thought there was no hope and no place to turn.

If I had accepted the advice of my doctor, if I had not been directed to Dr. Kelley, I would be another cancer statistic. Cancer is epidemic in this nation, and indeed in the Western industrialized nations. Despite the billions of dollars that have been spent on basic cancer research, we are no closer to curing or controlling cancer than we were at the beginning. According to American Cancer Society figures, a cancer victim once diagnosed, even with the orthodox treatment of surgery, chemotherapy and cobalt, has no more than an 8% chance of surviving beyond five years, with research showing colon cancer with a 2% chance.

Such a poor rate of recovery from this disease might be expected to induce in the medical establishment a degree of openness to alternative therapies, a willingness to admit that it does not have the answer to cancer.

Openness and a willingness to admit helplessness before this dread disease, are not the attitudes we find in cancer specialists, in cancer research institutes, in the traditional medical establishment.

My first visit to Dr. Kelley cost $75. The cost of vitamin supplements alone at the beginning of my therapy was $450 a month (not paid to Dr. Kelley). This cost was borne by my husband entirely even though this therapy was my choice, and it saved my life. The group insurance plan of which my husband was a member at his place of employment was of little help to me in paying the cost of this therapy.

Many of our citizens are forced to accept therapy in a foreign country because they have a desire to live. Those doctors are controlling cancer by means of detoxification of the vital organs and a regime of pure, uncooked and unprocessed food. I believe the results obtained so far by these therapists, many of whom work in a far more tolerant climate than is allowed here by the medical establishment, warrant serious consideration and further research.

Let me tell you briefly about the organization of which I was president—The Michigan Chapter of the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy. It was founded years ago in New York City We do not promote any particular therapy; we provide information free of charge. I received no salary or expenses, and spent most of my waking hours on the telephone.

The work was arduous, and sometimes thankless. But my life was a gift from God. I will share everything I know with everyone I know for as long as I live. I directed others to alternative forms of therapy out of gratitude for the direction I received when I could not see my way.

The satisfaction I received from guiding others to sources of help was payment enough. My only regret is that we were not contacted in most instances until someone received the terminal verdict and then I wonder how we managed to save the ones that we did.

I hope the day will come when FACT can accomplish its goal and the choice of cancer therapy is available to all.