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“Health Nuts” vs. “Normals”?

In the early 1980’s, someone sent this list to the FACT office comparing what was then perceived as “health nut” behavior vs. so-called “normal. “Rereading it now in 2014, over 30 years later, we realize the “nut” activities don’t sound particularly far out now, while the “normal” stuff seems pretty dated. Can it be that “health nuts” are becoming the norm and the “normals” are now the ones out of touch? Not so surprising, considering the last 3 or so decades have seen U.S. sales of certified organic products grow at a yearly rate of 10-15%, projected to reach $40 billion this year! According to the latest Gallup poll, nearly half of U.S. households, including all income levels, now prefer organics and most buy them at least on an occasional basis.

(If we are in a new “normal,” who are the real “nuts” today? Could they be the “normals” of the future – the ones way ahead of the pack leading us to new and better horizons?)

  • If a person presses his own vegetable juice, he’s a health nut, but if he drinks the commercial V-8, he’s normal.
  • If a woman buys cosmetics from the cosmetics counter, she’s normal; if she makes her own honey/turmeric masque, she’s a certified health nut
  • If a person has a container of honey on his table, he’s a health nut, but a bowl of white sugar cubes, he’s completely normal.
  • If a person makes rose hips or hibiscus iced tea for a refreshing drink, she’s a health nut, but if she buys a can of soda, she’s normal.
  • If a person believes his dragged down feeling in late afternoon is best countered by coffee, cocktails, pep pills or a candy bar, he’s normal; if he eats some raw nuts or makes a smoothie with fruits and greens, he’s a real health nut.
  • If a person saves food scraps to make his own compost, he’s definitely a health wacko. If he runs down to the local 7-11 store to buy a bag of chemical fertilizer, he’s completely normal.
  • If someone meditates for 20 minutes after a long day, he’s a New Age weirdo, while a normal guy just grabs a beer and stares at the TV.
  • If a person takes the time to learn a lot about healthful living and nutrition, she’s a health nut. If she expects her doctor to tell her what to do, she’s normal and probably not very healthy.
  • If a person eats whole grain bread, he’s most likely a health nut. If he insists on Wonder Bread (white bread) and other white flour products, he’s probably normal and constipated.
  • If someone grows his own sprouted beans in America, he’s a food faddist, but if he grows them in Honolulu, he’s probably Japanese.