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What Is A Friend?


In these fast-paced, too often polarized and stressed out times, perhaps the one thing we can all agree upon is that true friendships are really important. But it’s not so easy. It’s takes time to cultivate genuine friends, and to keep up with them through the thick and thin of decades. Most would concur, however, that it’s worth the time and energy.

So what is a real friend? Here are 7 qualities identified by a Facebook group. Most likely there are more you might come up with.

  1. Present together. “The ability to know when just to listen and when to give advice. Being there, no matter what, even if you live hundreds of miles away. Understanding each other and accepting each other unconditionally.”
  2. Truly wanting the best for each other. “I have two best friends and what they have in common is the awareness that I want them to be as happy as possible. So if I am a bit of a jerk sometimes, they know it is not actually directed at them.”
  3. Unabashed loyalty. “She always has my back and NEVER takes the other person’s side. If I am in crisis, she is in crisis. We do that for each other…no matter what!”
  4. Laughing with each other — over the silliest stuff. “I have a handful of friends that I’ve had close friendships with for about 40 years, and they are the treasure of my life. I value their acceptance, their trust, their loyalty, their forbearance, AND their humor. I can’t imagine life without them!”
  5. Willingness to answer each other’s calls any time, day or night. “You have forgiven me. You have loved me no matter what. You would answer my phone call at 3 in the morning.”
  6. Honesty to call each other out. “A good friend cares for me enough to tell me when they think I’m wrong about something.”
  7. Picking up exactly where you left off, even after a long absence. “Regardless of the length of time that has elapsed between meetings/correspondences…the connection is still the same.”