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A Lung Cancer Case History By Richard A. Mott

The medical doctors said, “We will have to remove your right lung or you will not last three months. You have cancer of your right lung.”

I had been in the hospital over a month with double pneumonia and in spite of the efforts of the doctors, through the use of antibiotics, the lung refused to heal. After many x-rays and sputum tests, the results showed malignant cancer of the lungs.

I phoned my wife and she said, “Check out of the hospital and come home; Suzanne has called Mr. Tobe’s office in Canada and he has recommended Dr. Max Warmbrand of Stamford, Connecticut, and he has agreed to look at you, although he makes no promises.” Suzanne is my daughter who was very worried about my condition.

After battling doctors, nurses, and even the chaplain (who tried to convince me to have the lung removed), I finally was able to check out of the hospital. This was in June 1974.

The next day my wife drove me to Dr. Warmbrand’s office. I could not drive; in fact, I was hardly able to walk. My heart was also in bad condition. Dr. Warmbrand said, “Mr. Mott, all your life you have lived to eat and drink. Whiskey, beer, wine. Your body is completely deteriorated. Are you now ready to change your way of living and eating? In other words, are you ready to eat to live by rebuilding your whole body?

He said, “Your body is a wonderful machine and will rebuild itself if you give it the chance. But you must make up your mind to take my advice and don’t cheat. If you are ready to do that, I will try to help you.”

What could I say? The medical doctors had given me three months at the most.

When this happened, I weighed 255 pounds. I would eat three or four steaks a week for my principal meal, always a big roast of meat on Sunday, loved spaghetti, meat balls, chicken and all Italian Foods, plus a pint of brandy a day, one or two six-packs of beer a day depending on the weather, always a fifth or two over the week-end, coffee, tea, doughnuts, cake, candy, white bread, sugar, etc.

I said to Dr. Warmbrand, “There’s nothing I can do but give it a try. I have only three months, according to the M.D.s.”

“O.K.,” said Dr. Max. “No beef, pork, veal, chicken, cold cuts, or fish. No white bread, cake, doughnuts, candy, sugar or sweets, alcohol, coffee, tea, soda drinks, no milk, eggs, cheese or other dairy products. No beer or wine.”  I looked at him and said to myself, “Oh, I see, he is going to save time and expense by having me kick the bucket immediately.” I said to him, “What can I have? There’s nothing left.”

His answer was, “What does a steer or cow or horse eat? They grow hoofs, horns, teeth, and grow massive in size. How many cancer operations do you hear of performed on these animals?” He said, “Number one, you can eat all the fruit you want, a few almonds, a large glass of carrot juice in the morning. During the day, have a chlorophyll drink or lettuce, celery, carrot tops, beets tops, any greens available in season, and a salad for lunch with nothing on it, you can have honey or orange juice on the salad. For evening meals, have a large salad of lettuce, celery, peppers, tomatoes, onions, any greens in season, with a baked potato and avocado. Get plenty of rest, and take a hot bath with epsom salts every night. Keep your feet warm, and do a few exercises that I will give you.”

My wife was taking this all in and agreed to give me the described food, and without her following this to the letter, and watching and waiting on me, and preaching to me 100% of the time, I know that I would not have made it.

I stayed on this diet faithfully and after 2 months I started to feel much better. My strength started to return and people started to tell me that I looked better. I sure felt a lot better, and after three months started to drive the car and do a little work around the house.

Each month I felt stronger and people who saw me when I looked, as they later told me, “like walking death,” could not believe I was the same person. My weight went to 175 pounds in a period of six months and has held at this weight, although Dr. Warmbrand is after me to get down to 165 pounds. My heart showed great improvement.

I still stayed 100% on Dr. Warmbrand’s advice.

On June 21, 1975, one year later, I entered the same hospital and after x-ray and examination, the doctors found that my lungs were clean and showed no evidence of cancer. They compared these with the x-rays taken the day I left in 1974 that showed a mass on my right lung that was tested, looked at, and x-rayed. My lung was now clean. The sputum samples are now negative. I told them of Dr. Warmbrand’s method of treating the body, but all they said was that I have had a 100% remission. I reminded them about their recommending removal of my lung, but I did not receive any answer.

I am grateful to God, to many people who were praying for a miracle, to Dr. Warmbrand, to my wife, without whose help, work and advice, in no way would I have been able to make the change.

However, with the advice I received, I never will go back to the old way of eating meat, fish, or cooked food that kills the enzymes that are necessary to keep our whole body healthy.

This is my happy story, thanks to the good doctor, Max Warmbrand of Stamford, Connecticut.

Richard A. Mott

Ed. Note: Richard Mott, who was 75 years old at the time of his original diagnosis, lived over 10 years more, free of cancer. He was on a total vegetarian diet. This is not recommended for everyone. It may work initially, but be unable to sustain health over long-term. A total vegetarian diet is deficient for individuals whose bodies have been adapted to meat as a result of past meat-eating generations. It is less risky to have a low-protein diet by including a small amount of flesh food — without hormones or antibiotics, preferably organically raised — than to be lacking essential nutrients required for healthy cell production.