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Why Junk Food Is Aging By Michael Pollan

If you need another reason to kick the soda habit, here it is. Research published online in the FASEB Journal (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) shows that high levels of phosphates may add more fizzle to sodas and processed foods than previously thought. New evidence shows that ingesting these accelerates signs of aging by increasing the prevalence and severity of age-related complications, such as chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular calcification and severe muscle and skin atrophy.

When the researchers fed mice with a high phosphate diet, the mammals died prematurely. Dr. M. Shawkat Razzaque, speaking for his team at the Department of Oral Medicine, Infections and Immunity at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, extrapolated that, “Keeping the balance of phosphate in the [human] diet may be important for a healthy life and longevity.” This gives us all yet another reason to read food and beverage labels.

Source: Natural Awakenings magazine, January 2011