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Why food fortify? By Max Warmbrand, N.D., D.O.

There is a big trend on in America today. That trend is food fortification. The public has suddenly become aware of the merits of nutrition and they are demanding fortification.

Now let me state the case succinctly. If a food is so impoverished, so weak and puny, so devoid of nutritive qualities that it must be fortified, then bury it…don’t eat it and don’t feed it to any creature.

My advice is don’t demand that food be fortified…demand that food be whole and contain all the necessary ingredients which Nature put into the food in the first place. Make it a maxim in your choice of food that the food must contain the vitamins to begin with, they must not be added, nor must anything have been subtracted.

No man, no matter how technologically expert, can match Nature in her way of putting nutrients into food. So be specific and let it be known that you don’t want you food fortified…you want your food to contain the nutrients that Nature put in to begin with.

Dr. Warmbrand was a pioneer in using food as medicine. He wrote many books on diet and had a busy practice in Connecticut in the 1950’s through ’70s. His advice is even more on point today as industry steps up the trend to “fortify,” “enrich,” and genetically-engineer foods. When will the theft of nutrients and the hoodwinking of the public come to an end?