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Symptoms Associated With A Change In Diet By Ruth Sackman

When we change our diet to one that is balanced and using better quality food, we need to do it gradually to give our body a chance to adjust. The improved nutrition will produce better quality cells that will replace old, weak and diseased cells. It will also improve immune function.

Since the blood washes the cells, it becomes loaded with these waste substances and needs time to eliminate them. If the waste removal is sluggish, symptoms will appear as the body attempts to “clean house”. If these symptoms are not understood as part of the restoration, the patient may assume that instead of improvement it is a symptom that needs medical attention.

The wisdom of the body will use any aperture to effect a cleansing. These are some of the typical symptoms to expect as the body makes an effort to clean the blood stream:

  • A rash may develop on the skin as the body uses the pores for elimination
  • There may be active bowel function and a diarrhea-like movement.
  • Flu-like symptoms may become one of the ways the body may discharge. This manifests in a runny nose, mucous elimination from the throat and coughing.
  • Eyes may tear or the ears may discharge some of the toxic debris but this outlet is not as usual as the others mentioned above.
  • If the toxic elimination is either too slow or the flow of toxins is active beyond what the liver can process for elimination, a fever may develop. This is Nature’s way of taking charge. The patient usually goes to bed and drinks plenty of fluids which automatically shifts the energy to “house cleaning”.