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Our 53rd Year

This Farm Is Medicine


Murray Provine used to be your typical Type A kind of guy — a financially successful, traveling executive with a stressed out no-exercise lifestyle, fueled with the standard American diet.

Everything changed, however, after Murray was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He decided it was time to eat right and take control of his health, something he realized he’d overlooked in his climb up the so-called ladder of success. With the help of a rancher/consultant — an expert in regenerative practices — he converted his long neglected 110-acre horse property in Clarksville, Georgia, into an Adaptive Multi-Paddock Grazing farm.

Three years later, Provine and his land are in way better shape! The farm has literally become a biodiverse wonderland. You can watch this transformation in a new short film by Peter Byck called This Farm is Medicine. While most of us will probably not go as far as Murray by starting our own self-sufficient farm, there is something so therapeutic in just watching this documentary, something hopeful about seeing the creation of a beautiful, healthful environment, where all creatures — human and animal — are treated with respect and living in tune with nature. This is something we can all strive for in our own way. Enjoy this 9-minute film.