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Our 53rd Year

Should Cancer Be A Dreaded Disease? By Ruth Sackman

Should cancer be a dreaded disease? I think not. It is both preventable and curable. But, it requires an open mind ready to accept a different concept of what cancer really is and how it should be treated. It requires a change in lifestyle and a body that is reparable. All of this is possible – with the exception, unfortunately, of those patients who may have suffered irreparable harm, such as irreversible liver damage through chemotherapy.

We have long been indoctrinated to consider that the tumor/cancer cells are the disease and they develop independently without any connection to body function. The reality is that cell production is not disconnected from body function. Cancer cells develop from a breakdown in normal body function, therefore causing the production of abnormal cells. The breakdown could be caused by a persistent negative activity that is impinging on cell production, such as bad diet, constant tension, exposure to cancer-causing contaminants in the work place, pesticides in the food supply, long-term use of medication with adverse reactions or any situation that is inimical to one’s health. Such a system is in need of a Biorepair.

For 37 years I have seen cancer patients recover with guidance in changing their lifestyle and adopting a healthy dietary regimen that fulfills Nature’s design. Detoxification is also a crucial part of the recovery. I have seen many patients overcome cancer and achieve long-term recovery.

The dietary regimen is the primary tool to achieve health restoration as food provides the raw materials the body uses to build cells. There is no “magic bullet,” no one “superfood,” herbal preparation, a cancer cure injection, a vitamin regimen, or high doses of Vitamin C, or any other single nutrient or substance. The body requires every element that Nature’s design dictates for the human species to build healthy cells, just as animals instinctively know what their diet is. The birds eat seeds, worms, etc.; the lion, a carnivore, kills for its food; the giraffe and cow eat vegetation, etc.

Every machine requires the right fuel to function efficiently. So does our body which is a complicated and miraculous machine. It needs protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, macro and micro-minerals, glucose, etc. All the elements are needed to build healthy cells.

Providing most of the vegetables and fruits in their natural form – raw and, thus, not altered by heat – assures optimum nourishment. Organically grown should be considered as much as possible. Meat should be organic, as much of the livestock is not fed natural feed and many are injected with hormones and antibiotics. Farm-fed fish and genetically modified food, especially canola oil, should be avoided.

Some people, claiming to have the ability to treat cancer, remove all glucose including fruits; some remove sodium, including vegetables such as celery; some remove all protein (vegetarian diet) which is not appropriate for all patients; some remove all carbohydrates; others remove all fatty acids, etc. This concept creates imbalance which can lead to building deficient cells.

To build normal cells the body requires a balanced diet. The key words are balance and moderation. Not a concentration of one food, such as broccoli because a research study found that broccoli improved the cancer patient’s life expectancy!

In the beginning, detoxification is as essential as the food. Our environment is so polluted with toxic chemicals in our food, air and water that toxicity may be the cause of cancer for some people. Our body, in its wisdom stores the toxins temporarily in the lymphatic system to avoid pollution of the bloodstream. A balanced whole foods diet energizes the body to throw off these toxins, so periodic detoxification is crucial.

The colon may be harboring 2 to 3 days of waste because of a sluggish bowel. The waste putrefies and ads to the pollution. Internal cleansing is more essential than external cleansing, therefore, we try to restore normal colon activity. Emptying the bowel daily is the normal action.

Although the above information can be useful, this is not a do-it-yourself system. Cancer is a serious disease and natural healing requires whole new ways of thinking. The goal is to teach the patient how to read and support their body’s messages. It is best, especially in the initial stages, to find an experienced person to guide you through this often subtle process.

Ruth Sackman , co-founder of Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (FACT), served as president for 37 years until her death in 2008 at age 93. She is author of the books, Rethinking Cancer and Detoxification.