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New Cure for the Common Cold: Understand It! By Edward L. Carl, N.D

“I’ve never had a cold in my life,” boasted a 75-year-old man. (Five months after making this statement he was dead with cancer.) He had adopted a superior attitude toward his wife, who was constantly bothered with colds. Every winter, and all winter long, she moped around, suffering with coughing, sneezing and wheezing, dripping nose and stopped up air passages. She was constantly dosing with cough syrups, “Vicks” salves, steam vapors and myriad other home remedies.

To all outward appearances the wife was the sicker of the two because she manifested illness. And this is the conclusion that most people would come to – people who consider disease a life-threatening outside invader to be vanquished or “cured.” Medical doctors would say that she’s lucky – she survived in spite of her constant illness. But the fact that she outlived her husband by many years and is now hale and strong tells us something quite the opposite. The colds were good for her!

They helped to preserve her life. Consider that both persons were consuming the same devitalized diet and had large amounts of toxins accumulating. In order to eliminate these poisons, a constant bodily “house-cleaning” was in process for the wife, but for the husband, who lacked these eliminative crises, the toxins continued to dam up in his system. He lacked the vitality to expel them, and the end result was the breakdown of his system in cancer.

Lately we see the same thing happening in young people. Now that medicine has gained such a stranglehold on our society, the children are dosed and drugged and immunized for every childhood disease. These assaults upon their bodies, along with the junk called food that is eaten, result in a rapidly increasing buildup of toxic material in the body. Children are, in effect, suffering from old-age symptoms and dying early in life. The more colds and flu and inflammations we manage to suppress or “cure,” the more certainly we are heading for cancer or other degenerative diseases.

So who is the healthiest-the one who gets colds or the one who does not? There is no direct answer to this question. Just because a cold, if we get one, is always good for us does not mean that if we do not get colds we are not healthy. It may mean that we are so healthy that we don’t need to get colds. If the body has no accumulated toxins, it does not need this eliminative crisis.

When someone boasts, “I never catch cold,” just take the boast with a grain of salt, as you would consider the boast of someone who says “I never clean house!” The possibility exists, of course, that the house is so well sealed and the inhabitants are so careful about removing their shoes before they enter that the house never needs cleaning. But this possibility is far from the norm.

The same holds true for our bodies. We can live in such an exemplary fashion – eating only the purest of food, never overeating, breathing only pure air, getting adequate exercise, rest, sleep and efficient elimination – so that our bodies never need to initiate a housecleaning crisis. The immune system is energized and does not allow too much debris to build up, so an occasional cough or a sneeze will usually do the job of housecleaning. However, this is not the typical case today. It’s more likely that the body has developed a high tolerance level for morbid material due to a weakening of the detoxifying organs. Poor diet and chronic stress, in particular, can lead to this weakening, interfering with good bowel function and increasing toxic accumulation. A cold indicates vitality. Not getting a cold indicates either lack of vitality or no need for expression of this vitality.

By the same token, don’t feel Nature has let you down if, after you initiate an improvement in your living habits, you wind up with a cold instead of all the wonderful health benefits you were led to believe would be yours. These benefits will be yours after the body has done its housecleaning (a.k.a. “a healing crisis”) – after it has cleared away the impediments – and it may take colds, fevers, or other inconveniences to do this. Your improved lifestyle made the eliminative crisis possible.

Understand the common cold; then you won’t need to worry about curing it.

Reprinted from Life Science