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Natural Wisdom Of The Body By Dr. Alice Behr

We know and accept the laws of nature, but what would we do if some bizarre interference affected this natural process? For example, what would we do in the spring if the birds did not return from the south, the whales did not migrate north, the trees to grow new leaves, or the temperature never changed?

Would we ignore this unnatural peculiar happening and continue on with our lives?  No! We would be alarmed knowing something was very wrong. We would search diligently to find out what was blocking the natural cycle of nature. Once we found the interference, we would remove it and restore physical order to the world.

The natural rhythm of body health works in much the same way. Every moment miracles take place in our body to enable us to adapt it to its constant challenges.

Inside the body thousands of different chemicals are balanced every second.  Hundreds of millions of cells are dying as new cells are created. Billions of nerves fire messages every second. Yesterday’s meals are magically transformed into eye, muscle, heart, bone, skin, and other cells; damaged tissues are being repaired; blood vessel linings are fixed; germs and tumors are eliminated; fluids and pressures are monitored and balanced.

As these corrections take place, it is not unusual to feel changes in the body. These changes are often reflected in symptoms such as fevers, stomachaches and chills, vomiting, fatigue, runny nose, coughing, pain, swelling, itching, anxiety, etc. They are players of the natural laws that exist within the body to regain and maintain health.

Symptoms may reflect actions through which the body rids itself of bacteria, viruses and waste products, they also can be indicators that the body is sick and needs attention

Too often we quickly interrupt this cycle of healing by eliminating the symptom with drugs. The assumption that if a symptom makes us feel bad we should get rid of it in order to feel good, leads us to actions that inhibit the laws of nature. The magnificent intelligence that orchestrates these checks and balances via the nervous system is infinitely wiser than our man-made technologies.

Now is the time when we witness nature’s wisdom in full bloom. This provides an excellent opportunity for us to reflect upon and respect the wisdom of the body.