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Our 53rd Year

A New Breed of Doctor By Alan H. Nittler, M.D.

Practitioner Directory, but there is still a tremendous need for more. Here are some of his thoughts:

The doctor of the future will influence the political process and the food and drug laws. He will see that restaurants do not serve food that brings on degeneration. He will have a voice in food processing, manufacturing and packaging. In the future, we will have hospitals that will not allow patients to check out before they know how to change their habits and prevent future recurrences of their condition. We will learn how to cook right.

Before they marry, couples of the future will know how to take care of themselves, so that the next generation will be stronger and healthier than their parents. There is no reason why we should raise children as future doctor’s bills. We need doctors who guide us to make sure we remain in good health, strong and mentally alert.

The new breed of doctor will have a complete understanding of how all environmental conditions affect the chemistry and physiology of man. He will understand what lighting conditions are needed in our factories and work places, and will know what role sunlight plays in our health. He will know about air quality, radiation, noise, climate, jet lag and freeway stress — all of the everyday factors that affect human health. He will know how to use color, music, fasting, foods, juices, mechanical therapies and vibratory processes to restore homeostasis in the body.

Perhaps the new breed of doctor will oversee the development of films that will make people laugh and speed up the healing process, or films that release stress, resentment and resistance. He may teach breathing exercises that balance left side and right side body energies. Maybe he will teach color visualization exercise to raise the metabolic rate of particular organs.

The most important thing to take care of in man is the soul, and the new breed of doctor and patient must understand that the purpose of the soul is to express and grow. However, this can only be done when both doctor and patient come together to work for the higher values in life, seeking the higher path. Man deserves the best that Nature has for him.


New Breed of Doctor by Alan H. Nittler, M.D.