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Our 53rd Year

Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #9

Alternative Cancer Therapy

Thanks so much to all who participated in the recipe testing for Doris Sokosh’s soon-to-be published, Triumph Over Cancer — My Recipes For Recovery. We received a great response and lots of helpful comments, many of which we’re in the midst of incorporating. The book will be available this summer; will keep you posted.

We are deep in the process of digitizing all of F.A.C.T’s unique magazine, Cancer Forum — nearly 40 years of fact-filled issues, a wealth of information. This is a huge task, but an integral part of our goal to make available to you as much of the knowledge attained since F.A.C.T.’s inception. Coming soon!

As always, new material continues to be posted on the site to help you make sense of the tsunami of information — and misinformation—available today on alternative, as well as conventional medicine. Our hope is to create a tsunami of wise medical consumers. Otherwise, as Herbert Spenser (English philosopher (1820-1903), said: “When a man’s knowledge is not in order, the more of it he has, the greater will be his confusion.

To your health!

The Green Tea Book — China’s Fountain of Youth

Just like death and taxes, you can count on the flood of books by so-called independent experts that follow breathlessly the market debut of every “hot,” “new,” age-old remedy for all our modern ills. The Green Tea Book — China’s Fountain of Youth by Lester A. Mitscher, Ph.D., with health writer Victoria Dolby, is typical of the genre. According to chemist Mitscher, there is hardly a condition that green tea cannot help prevent, alleviate or boost (as in immunity). READ MORE.

If You’re On the High Side (Blood Pressure-wise), Sip This!

A recent article in the New York Times science section asks the question: is there any truth to the claim that green tea lowers blood pressure? Conclusion: not particularly, but hibiscus tea can.READ MORE.

Why Fortify?

Now let me state the case succinctly. If a food is so impoverished, so weak and puny, so devoid of nutritive qualities that it must be fortified, then bury it…don’t eat it and don’t feed it to any creature. READ MORE.

Cantaloupe Ambrosia*

1 whole, very ripe, preferably organic cantaloupe few dashes nutmeg

Wash the melon well in cool water and pat dry. Cut in half and remove the seeds.** Cut in chunks (don’t remove peel) and run through a juicer.

Chill. Serve in a large, tall glass with a few dashes of nutmeg on top. This tastes like a rich, thick shake, but, actually, it’s a low-calorie, low-fat, powerhouse, especially high in Vitamin A,alkalinizing the body and aiding elimination — not to mention, deelicious!

* Special thanks to Rita Znamirowsky for this recipe. Rita is one of the long-term recovered cancer patients featured in the film Rethinking Cancer.

** Save the seeds to make a calcium-rich “milk.” Just put seeds in a blender, add water, fruit juice or herbal tea and liquefy, then strain. For a nutrient-packed smoothie: add a heaping spoonful of hempseed powder, few spoons almond butter, dash ground allspice, teaspoon cacao powder, if you like, banana or dates for sweetener and blend. Add more liquid, if too thick. Experiment!

See Food of the Week — Melons — for “the skinny” on the wonderful melon family, including how to choose a ripe one.

Hiccup Help

Hold your breath. If you have done so for some time and your hiccup is no better, then gargle with a little water. If it still continues, tickle your nose with something and sneeze. Just one or two sneezes and the most violent hiccup is sure to go.
— advice from Plato, the Greek philosopher (427-347 B.C.)