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Our 53rd Year

Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #70

Every winter we’re told: be afraid, be very afraid! It’s flu and cold season: get your flu shot, avoid touching doorknobs and people, watch out for rampant germs… But what’s really happening?

For centuries, scientists have been trying to find the chemical antidote to the viruses that supposedly cause the common cold. It’s a waste of time! Ancient healers, like Hippocrates, knew that the cold is not a disease. It’s an an important immune function — an acute inflammation, a vicarious elimination or periodic housecleaning that helps us maintain homeostasis in a challenging world. That is why all the symptoms are about stuff trying to get out: mucus, coughs, rash, diarrhea, itching, fever sweats, throwing up, bloody nose, etc. Conventional medicine prescribes drugs to block symptoms (anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines, antibiotics, anti-diarrhea, anti-ache…) — in short, anti-elimination medicine. These do nothing to eliminate the cause: the gunk which insidiously piles up and gets stored in our cells and, over time, overloads and exhausts organs and glands. No wonder studies show that people who had fewer colds, or failed to let colds or flu run their course, are more likely to develop cancer and other chronic diseases down the line.

To learn more about this “blasphemous” way of thinking, check out the articles on our Resource page, in particular:
“Understanding Infection: Not a Battle, But a Housecleaning” by Philip Incao, M.D.
“New Cure for the Common Cold: Understand It!” By Edward L. Carl, N.D.
“Thank Goodness! No Cure for the Common Cold!” By Consuelo Reyes, F.A.C.T. President

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