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Our 53rd Year

Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #4

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our Rethinking Cancer subscribers!

We at F.A.C.T., Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy, are proud to begin another information-packed year and we’re happy you’ve joined us for the journey! 2009 was extremely busy as we transitioned from “bricks and mortar” to an ever expanding web presence, featuring our new website and film, both of which are being received with great enthusiasm. Our goal in 2010: to continue to share as widely as possible the knowledge F.A.C.T. has gained over the last 4 decades on biologically sound, non-toxic approaches to disease treatment and prevention.

Please note: we’ve reconfigured the Donate page, including lower shipping costs and easier check-out! Also, you may want to revisit the Audio section on the Resource page — we’ve added a number of additional recovered case histories, with much more to come. New articles will be continually uploaded on the Resource page and, in coming months, we’ll be adding downloadable video of expert speakers from many of the F.A.C.T. Annual Conventions, TV appearances, etc.

We’ve just begun the process of scanning in all issues from the past 38 years of Cancer Forum, F.A.C.T.’s unique publication —a  huge but important job!  You’ll be able to download these free of charge as PDFs. Watch for news on this in future Newsletters.

Another heads up: in the course of this year, two of the recovered patients featured in our documentary Rethinking Cancer will be publishing books of their own. Lou Dina, bone and lymph cancer survivor, has written an excellent, detailed account of the alternative program he followed – indispensible reading for anyone interested in this direction. Doris Sokosh, breast cancer survivor, will be releasing online her cookbook full of the healthy recipes that enabled her amazing recovery.

In short, stay tuned…..

Natural Blush

Looking for a little color in your face during these cold, dreary days of winter? For those who wish to avoid the chemicals in commercial cosmetics, here’s a simple idea. Cut a small, fresh beet in half. Press a bit of the red inner side on your cheeks or lips. Rub in with a finger to get the desired shade. Voila! Reapply as necessary. (Beet will keep about a week in the ‘fridge. Just put a drop or so of water on the cut side to “revive” juices or cut in half again.)

While we’re at it, whole, plain yogurt is a great skin softener and moisturizer, especially for the face. Just massage in liberally after washing your face before bed, or anytime you’re at home.
Cancer From The Kitchen?
“What if breast cancer in the United States has less to do with insurance or mammograms and more to do with contaminants in our water or air — or in certain plastic containers in our kitchens? What if the surge in asthma and childhood leukemia reflect, in part, the poisons we impose upon ourselves?” READ MORE

Knowing What’s Worth Paying For in Vitamins

“Of course, it’s controversial whether we should be taking vitamins at all. Recent studies have indicated that taking a multivitamin won’t protect you from heart disease or cancer. And experts maintain that if you eat well, you don’t need vitamin supplements.” READ MORE

Your donations and generosity keeps us going to get information out to the public.

With best wishes, may 2010 be a year in which we all cherish and enhance our health and happiness!

Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (F.A.C.T.)