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Our 53rd Year

Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #13

Welcome to the Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #13

We had a great time at the Mystic Independent Theatre screening of our documentary Rethinking Cancer! The film looked amazing on the big screen and there were lots of good questions afterward. Special thanks to Casey Cyr, Theatre Director and her husband, Bill Gash, who founded the theatre with the goal of highlighting films about alternative ways to health, as well as showcasing local artists and musicians. Casey is herself a talented singer/songwriter/painter/poet who loves to care for her organic garden. Check out her website: www.caseycyr.comIf you’re in the Mystic, Connecticut area, there are a few screenings left:

Saturday, October 16 at 7 pm
Sunday, October 17 at 4 pm
Monday, October 18 at 7 pm

You may have noticed all the Cancer Forum magazines are not up yet, as mentioned in our last newsletter. We apologize for that, but there are plenty there to keep you busy and the rest should follow shortly.

For many people, fall is the most glorious season — not too hot, not too cold, and oh, those autumn leaves! Enjoy!

To your health,
Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (F.A.C.T.)

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Some call it “frankenfish,” while to others it’s just the next smart, inevitable move in modern food production. In any case, genetically altered salmon is a pen stroke away from your local market. Our Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently considering an application by AquaBounty Farms to permit sales of genetically engineered (GE) salmon, the first and likely precedent setting attempt to allow GE animals into our food supply. But is it a good idea? A few questions to ponder: READ MORE

Plain Facts About Stress
An Interview with Hans Selye, Ph.D.

Q. Dr. Selye, is it true that there is more stress in today’s society than in years past?
A. People often ask me that question, sometimes comparing our lives with that of the caveman — who didn’t have to worry about the stock market or the atomic bomb. They forget that the caveman worried about being eaten by a bear while he was asleep, or about dying of hunger — things that few people worry much about today. In the end, I doubt whether people suffer more stress today; it’s just that they think they do. READ MORE

Back to Grandma #1

From time to time we’ll tell you about folk remedies your grandmother, or great grandmother, may have used. These will cause no harm and just might work surprisingly well!

Why not give grandma a try?

• The only good use for white sugar is in relieving itching from mosquito bites. Just moisten the bite (not the sugar) and rub a cube over it. Usually stops itching instantly and for hours. This is why some grandmas always carried a cube in their knapsack when hiking.

• When a cold and sore throat come on, instead of swallowing artificially sweetened chemical cough medicine, gargling with apple cider vinegar should bring quick relief.

• If your sleep is disturbed because you need to visit the bathroom several times a night, try drinking a wine glass full of cranberry juice before bedtime. This is an aid to the kidneys and bladder. You might find yourself sleeping through the night.

• Bread as therapy: 1) apply a cold slice or 2 over eyes to reduce irritation or swelling; 2) apply warm bread to infected cuts to reduce pain and itching; 3) apply hot bread to a boil to ease the pain and bring the boil to a head.Easy Yogurt*

1. Mix cold (organic) milk and cold (organic) whole yogurt with a whisk. (proportions: 1/4 cup whole yogurt to 1 quart milk.) You can use yogurt from succeeding batches as your “starter.”2. Place mixture in a jar, glass or ceramic bowl and cover with a lid; put into an oven with the oven light on (oven turned off, of course).

3. Let it incubate for about 24 hours (oven light will gradually warm mixture to about 85-90°F).

4. If desired strain to thicken.

5. Refrigerate and enjoy!

*This recipe was developed by Lou & Dinenne Dina who like to use a gallon of milk and 1 cup yogurt per batch! Lou is a 30+ year recovered cancer patient featured in the film Rethinking Cancer and author of the excellent new book Cancer — A Rational Approach to Long-Term Recovery, an in-depth look at the Biorepair program that restored his health.