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How Healthy Are Sunflower Seeds?


Raw sunflower seeds, used for food by the Indians long before white men reached America, are one of the richest seeds in nutritional value.

The seeds are 25% protein-putting them on the same protein level as meat.

They contain liberal amounts of vitamins, especially A, B-complex, and the sparse Vitamin E found in their unsaturated oils.

The mineral content includes much more calcium than in cottonseed, soybean, or linseed oil, and the potassium in sunflowers is comparable to raisins, nuts, and wheat germ, while they have the highest rating for magnesium and more iron than any other food except egg yolk and livers.

Sunflower seed meal is highly digestible, has over 50% protein.  The top quality oil is rich in lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids contain 30% protein, as well as its share of vitamins and minerals.

To answer the question. Sunflower seeds are very healthy.

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