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Healthy Foods

  • New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer

    May 9, 2010 - Category: News

    Finally, the truth is out about the food we eat and the links it has to chemicals and cancer.  Could it be that maybe, just maybe what F.A.C.T. and others have been warning about for decades is finally penetrating the medical mainstream and the hallowed halls of government? Let's hope, but don't hold your breath…New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer

  • How Healthy Are Sunflower Seeds?

    April 25, 2010 - Category: News

    Raw sunflower seeds, used for food by the Indians long before white men reached America, are one of the richest seeds in nutritional value. The seeds are 25% protein-putting them on the same protein level as meat. They contain liberal amounts of vitamins, especially A, B-complex, and the sparse Vitamin E found in their unsaturated…How Healthy Are Sunflower Seeds?

  • The benefits of an apple

    March 15, 2010 - Category: Foods of the Week

    Though apples are the most versatile of fruits, eaten for their zest and flavor, they also have many valuable characteristics, health and nutrition-wise which can become a worthy tool in beating cancer or any illness. The benefits of Apples are: Vitamins A and C found in apples promote growth, help ward off colds. The minerals…The benefits of an apple