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The New Health
By Dr. Arnold Fox, M.D.

Arnold Fox, M.D. , is in the practice of internal medicine and cardiology with strong interests in stress, anti-aging and nutrition. He is Director of the American Institute of Health in Beverly Hills and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Irvine, California College of Medicine.]

A 50 year old man living in the United States can expect to live another twenty years. A 50 year old man living in Sweden will enjoy another twenty-nine years of life almost 50 percent more than his American counterpart.

The United States is the most advanced nation in the world it's also the sickest. We did not achieve this honor overnight. We had to work at it for many years. What good is the highest standard of living in the world, if you aren't able to enjoy it?

Disease does not "just happen"; disease is not a random misfortune. The evidence, overwhelmingly shows us that most of today's illnesses, major and minor, are due to poor nutrition, poor health habits, poor handling of stress and a lack of the realization that only you can keep yourself healthy. As an M.D. there is not a pill or surgery that I can prescribe that will give you vitality. Only you can give yourself the vitality that I call "THE NEW HEALTH".

In this and future columns, I will show you how to achieve the new health. The new health is not feeling "alright" as many of us do. The new health is feeling great! The new health is characterized by happy, healthy, zestful and natural living. A real joie de vivre without the use of stimulants, anti-depressants, tobacco, alcohol or sleeping pills.

The key to the new health is learning about yourself. How to take care of yourself. Your doctor is important in this. However, do not rely solely on your doctor to tell you what he thinks is wrong with you. Learn about your body, what nutrients .your body needs, how various substances harm your body, how stress affects you, how to deal with stress.

What kind of foods should you be eating? A woman at one of my complimentary seminars at my offices in Beverly Hills asked:

"I'm very confused about the best diet for me... The only diet that has worked for me in the past was a high protein diet with no carbohydrates. I would like to lose 20 pounds. Do you believe that some people are so sensitive to carbohydrates that it triggers compulsive eating? I have been advised to stay away from white flour and white sugar for relief from arthritis."

In choosing foods, bear this in mind: You want to eat foods that will contribute to your health by giving you a bountiful supply of all of the nutrients, and you want to avoid foods that will stress you. A food is said to be a stressor (something that causes stress) if it is either directly harmful to the body (a poison) or if it creates additional work for your body. If you kidneys have to work overtime to screen out impurities from your food, that food is a stressor.

The ANTI-STRESS WAY OF EATING is the answer. Remove the stressors from your body. Remember this little pneumatic: Do not use or at least restrict, CATS from San Francisco. Now, what are CATS from San Francisco? Well, I'm not talking about those cats that howl all night long outside of your bedroom window. I'm referring to caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, salt and fats and to that I must add we should reduce our intake of processed foods because they are definitely stressors and foods which are high in cholesterol. We eat much more than we can possibly use. We take in too many calories. We force our body to break down the excess of these calories for sugar and/or fat. This is stress. You should be eating vegetables, whole grains, fruits and legumes, which are peas, beans and lentils. These should be eaten as "close to nature as possible." Increase the amount of complex carbohydrates you eat. What are complex carbohydrates? These are fruits, vegetables, grains, peas, beans and lentils with a minimum or no processing. These complex carbohydrates break down slowly to provide the body with the fiber, vitamins, minerals, various nutrients that the body needs to run this wonderful complex machine. Decrease the simple sugars, that is, sugar, molasses, and syrup. To lose weight emphasize The vegetables. These are the lowest in calories and are high in nutrients and fibers. Of course, it is important that what you do eat be balanced with the proper and essential nutrients.

Are some people so sensitive to carbohydrates that they become compulsive eaters? Well, I don't believe that complex "unrefined" carbohydrates can trigger compulsive eating. However, the simple carbohydrates can and I would advise the woman above to be tested for hypoglycemia.

In order to achieve the new health I spoke about it is necessary to go beyond simply providing your body with enough nutrients to "get along". Ms. Morgan wrote to me:

"I recently heard you talk on WGN radio in Chicago. I would like you to tell me the way to stimulate our immune system."

Our immune system is a veritable armory that the U.S. Defense Department would be proud to have. We have the equivalent of Tiger Tanks, atomic submarines, jet fighters and Marines in our bodies in the form of T-Lymphocytes (white blood cells under the control of the thymus gland), Phagocytes and Complements. Their job is to recognize and destroy foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses and cancer cells. Every day, countless invaders are destroyed by your immune system. You might "have" cancer several times in your lifetime and never know it, because your immune system destroys the cancer before it can destroy you.

Continual stress, whether the stress is due to foods or is emotionally or spiritually induced, wears down the immune system. Keep your body in tip-top condition, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Eliminate the "ERRORS OF LIVING", which include poor handling of stress, sedentary styles of lying, caffeine, tobacco, too much salt, nutrient-poor eating, high fat foods, chemicals and additives, cigarettes and a lack of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are very important in helping keep your immune system in good working order — especially vitamin

Ms. Morgan goes on to ask:

"...what harm is there in drinking lots of Diet Pepsi, about four to six bottles a day? How much caffeine is there in one bottle of Pepsi, compared to one cup of regular coffee?"

The various diet colas are destructive to the immune system, and eventually to the body, due to the heavy chemical load. The increases in cancer have been attributed to the great increases in chemicals in foods and in the environment as well as to the increased stresses of all types. Soft drinks have between 42 and 72 mg. of caffeine per serving. They also have lots of phosphorus, which may interfere with calcium absorption. Regular coffee has 100 to 150 mg. of caffeine per cup. Instant coffee has 50 to 66 mg. of caffeine. Tea usually contains 50 to 77 mg. of caffeine.

Caffeine is not a natural substance for your body. It is easy to show physiologic changes in the body when even small amounts of caffeine are ingested. Caffeine is a stressor.

When you adopt the ANTI-STRESS WAY OF EATING you can often do away with various medications and drugs you have been taking. P. Cozzola wrote from Illinois:

"I have had high blood pressure for quite some time and medication seems to have no effect. In fact, it is higher when I take the medication than when I do not. I am 55 years old and hope that I am not over-the hill as far as changing my pattern of living."

High blood pressure is often a manifestation of the "errors of living". Your doctor should first make sure that you don't have forms of "curable" high blood pressure, such as that due to narrowing of the arteries to the kidneys or to certain adrenal abnormalities, etc. If you have what is known as Essential Hypertension, you, with your doctor's concurrence, might want to start on the ANTI-STRESS DIET. THE ANTISTRESS DIET combines the anti-stress way of eating, with daily exercise, learning how to handle the effects of stress, learning how to approach life in a very positive manner. I have a great deal of success in reducing blood pressure, often, at times, with lesser amounts of medications than I have used in the past. Instead, I use methods I described above, especially the ANTI-STRESS DIET. I use biofeedback, counseling, meditative procedures, mind as a healer mechanism and other techniques, as part of the overall plan. You are never too old to .change from destruction to positive health habits.

Reprinted from Public Scrutiny

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