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Nutrition Update
By Ruth Sackman

For many years now, the Foundation for Alternative Cancer Therapies has advocated better nutrition for the cancer patient. Our complicated investigations and experience showed that a cancer/nutrition link existed. Nutrition programs were used by numbers of practitioners working independently of each other in both the United States and Europe. Because of the extreme caution exercised by the cancer-medical establishment about cancer advocacy outside the traditional medical mode, all that could be said publicly was that better quality nutrition was helpful for the cancer patient. Today, the nutrition/cancer link is backed by the recent report issued by the National Academy of Science that has officially supported using better nutrition to prevent cancer. After all, where else could the body receive the required elements to produce healthy cell's and repair a biological breakdown except through the food it ingests?

The National Academy of Science report emphasizes the use of raw foods and whole grains as Nature intended for man's consumption. Nature has determined the foods for all creatures herbivorous, carnivorous or omnivorous. FACT also emphasizes raw foods and whole grains too, but we add other foods for a balanced nutritional approach to create a biologically sound eating program.

Now that the cancer/nutrition relationship has been acknowledged, we need to turn our attention to another vital area - vitamin and Mineral supplements. Unfortunately, many of the manufacturers have little or no understanding of the need to retain all essential nutrients in their products for competent synergism. Nor do they understand the need to avoid the use of chemicals to color or preserve the vitamins and to process the supplements with care in order to avoid the destruction of enzymes. Chemical additives usually have a harmful cumulative effect which can cause physiological problems after a period of time. This can be manifested in chronic ailments or general malaise.

Fragmented supplements, such as tablets of calcium, selenium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, iron or other minerals, or the alphabet of vitamins separated from natural components or synthesized, require intrinsic factors to be metabolized properly by the body. The missing elements are therefore drawn from the body's reserve (bone, teeth, hair, nails, muscle) to complete the metabolism, in time, causing unexpected deficiencies.

Recently, a rash of stories appeared in newspapers and other publications about doctors finding patients suffering from health problems caused by the misuse of supplements. The unfortunate patient probably couldn't imagine that an item promoted as essential and beneficial for one's health could cause an illness.

One reported case was of a woman who overdosed on B6. She became so weak that she was unable to perform some very simple tasks like trimming her fingernails, holding a fork, putting on jewelry, or climbing a few steps without assistance. Fortunately, her doctor's ultimate diagnosis pinpointing B6 as the culprit saved her from a useless life of chronic illness. Other doctors have reported similar case histories.

Dr. H. J. Roberts of the Palm Beach Institute of Medical Research, West Palm Beach, Florida, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine finding neurological and other disorders in patients who used considerable amounts of dolomite. Many of the patients were found to have unexpectedly high concentrations of arsenic, mercury, lead and aluminum in their systems. Dolomite was never intended for human consumption. If it was, Nature would have provided it in an edible form.

Using vitamins of good quality when needed can be very beneficial, but using them carelessly can imbalance the human system. The constant intake of the wrong vitamins, poor quality vitamins, unneeded vitamins or overdosing can produce biological complications. Take, for example, the fact that an overdose of vitamin C can produce an iron or calcium deficiency. Both of these minerals are important in maintaining competent blood levels.

An experiment conducted by Elizabeth B. Finley and Florian L. Cerklewslci, Ph.D, of the Oregon State University in Corvallis and publicized in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that vitamin C could reduce a person's copper levels, which in turn can inhibit the recycling of iron in the body. Recycling of iron is an essential function since we cannot obtain enough iron from our diet. Thirteen young men were given a 500 mg tablet of vitamin C with each meal for about two months. Testing after this period showed a decrease in blood copper, and the reversal when the supplements were discontinued.

Excessive use of vitamins also place an additional burden on the body to eliminate the oversupply as waste. In this age of food, water and air pollution, the body has more than enough to do to throw off toxins without the deliberate intake of unnecessary, over processed or over chemicalized vitamins and minerals, especially those of poor quality. Consider some of the additives found in vitamins. Here is a list of some of them: sugar, dextrose, lactose, mannitol, sorbitol, calcium sulfate, dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, zein (corn protein), ethylcellulose, methylcellulose, acacia, talc, kaolin, beeswax, carnuba wax, certified dyes, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, vegetable stearine, polyethylene glycols, artificial sweeteners, silica, propyl and methyl paraben. It is important to note that propyl and methyl paraben have been found to interfere with normal cell production. You certainly wouldn't want to take these substances daily.

It is not my intention to leave the impression that FACT opposes the use of supplements. The intention of this article is to create an awareness so that people become more knowledgeable buyers and users of health products. Years of experience have helped make the health activist more sophisticated about the value of supplements and how to use them to achieve the greatest benefit and eliminate any risk.

Eventually, suppliers will cater to our demands for quality products.

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