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Why Do We Use Distilled Water?
By Consuelo Reyes

In today's increasingly chemicalized environment the purest water is steam distilled water the closest thing to pure H20 which is what nature intended for our bodies. Rainwater, which populations in pre-industrial times, but now becomes polluted merely passing through the atmosphere, is distilled water. Fruits and vegetables contain distilled water, but unless organically grown, produce also contains chemical residues from pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.

What about all the other waters available today? Tap water is not a safe choice: besides the intentionally added chlorine and fluorine, it can contain lead and other metals leached from pipes, along with thousands of synthetic toxic substances that seep into the water supply via industrial and agricultural pollution. Spring water is also no guarantee of purity: today the underground rivers (aquifers) are recipients of the myriad of man-made chemicals applied to and absorbed into the earth. Filtered water is not a reliable purification method: too many chemicals pass through and residues remain that can be a source of toxicity. And tests that claim quality are no cause for reassurance--methods have not yet been developed to detect all the pollutants rampant in today's waters.

Distilled water is most easily and inexpensively made in a home distiller. There are many models available, from compact manual countertops to larger automatic units. The process is simple: water is heated to evaporation in a boiling chamber, then cooled, condensed and collected so that the impurities are left out. Anyone who has ever cleaned the boiling chamber of their distiller will be struck by how much came out of the water! The final product is virtually 99% free of inorganic minerals, including chlorine and fluorine, and other chemical contaminants.

The biggest misconception about distilled water is that because it contains no minerals, the body will somehow be deprived of vital nutrients. The fallacy is in thinking that we can readily absorb minerals in whatever form they may enter our bodies--food or water (or supplement tablet). As an article in the Natural Food Associates Newsletter explained: "Unfortunately, most people fail to realize that the body can only use ORGANIC minerals effectively...Plants, however, can make use of organic minerals, converting them into a form which the body can assimilate. Plants, therefore, are the proper source of minerals." Tap, spring and filtered waters absorb INORGANIC minerals from rocks or soil they have flowed over, plus all the chemical contaminants picked up along the way. The Newsletter articles says that these lNORGANIC minerals "are not absorbed, but will remain in the body, resulting in arthritis, hardening of the arteries, stones, spurs, etc." Thus, food is our best source of mineral nutrition.

The best example of distilled water's safety and benefits is Norman W. Walker, D.Sc., probably the earliest and most forceful advocate of distilled water. He believed that because it lacks minerals, distilled water acts as a cleanser in the body, leeching out inorganic mineral deposits and thus relieving arthritis and rheumatism suffering, along with other ills. Walker lived energetically to the age of 117.

The Natural Food Associates Newsletter lists other benefits: "A baby's rash disappears if distilled water is used in bathing an infant A spot on a fabric is more easily washed out and will not leave a ring if distilled water is used."

The ubiquitous presence of toxic substances in our food and water today constitutes a vast uncontrolled experiment on the human race. No one truly knows how our bodies will handle the accumulation and interaction of so many pollutants over time. But, while it is not possible for an individual to completely control his intake of chemical contaminents, or even try for absolute purity would be more stressful than beneficial in the case of water, one can take charge to a very large degree. So be safe: use distilled water.

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