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Why Are Medical Researchers Ignoring The Probable Cause Of Alzheimers And Concentrating On A Cure Instead?
Richard G. Matthew

The answer is obvious - there is no money in discovering the cause of Alzheimers Disease, but there are millions of dollars to be made in finding a patentable cure for Alzheimers. Drug companies are in the business to make and sell drugs and it is understandable why they are not interested in funding research that is intended to prevent diseases that they might develop drugs to cure!

For many years it has been known that aluminum is found in the brain cells of Alzheimers patients. Since heavy metals are not supposed to be able to cross the blood/brain barrier which protects the brain, researchers could not determine whether' the aluminum was what was causing Alzheimers, or was a result of it However, since injections of aluminum into the brains of lab animals have produced neurofibrillary tangles similar to those found in the brains of Alzheimers patients, this area of research should receive a top priority. Ignoring this probable, or at least possible cause of Alzheimers, has been a tragic mistake, especially in light of the fact that a graduate student at the University of California - Berkeley, has identified the way that aluminum is probably getting past the blood/brain barrier.

Gene Mesco found that when fluoride combines with aluminum, it forms aluminum fluoride, a bioactive substance that tends to mimic certain phosphate groups which the blood/brain barrier allows in the brain. Tests done at two universities and a lab in Wisconsin have shown that fluoridated water, when boiled in an aluminum utensil, concentrates up to 600 times as much aluminum in the water as unfluoridated water boiled in the same utensil. The British Medical Journal Lancet reported that people face a 50 percent greater risk of getting Alzheimers when the level of alum in the water is over .11 parts per million. Apparently, nobody has connected these studies. It's sad that there is so much knowledge out there and the bits and pieces don't always come together.

Gene Mesco's study was brought about because some communities use alum (aluminum sulfate) in their water treatment process, and he was investigating the possibility of the alum and fluoride combination being a causative factor in Alzheimers. He should be given the credit for investigating the aluminum/ fluoride combination and how the aluminum could possibly get through the blood/brain barrier. His work was published but didn't receive the attention it deserved. Unfortunately, I don't have much hope that anything will be done in the near future to pursue this line of research because there is no money to be made or product to be patented, plus the fact that the people who have assured us for years that water fluoridation is safe, will never admit to the harm that it is causing!

Considering the number of aluminum coffee pots and cooking utensils that are in use in this country and the number of soft drinks and beers that are sold in aluminum cans, this may well be the reason why the onset of Alzheimers in the U.S. followed the switch from glass bottles and the beginning of artificial water fluoridation.

As our population ages, the number of Alzheimers cases is soaring nationwide, and it is projected that it will rise even further, from approximately 2.5 million today to 7.4 million by 2040 if no cure or treatment is found. Genetic research is the "in" thing right now. Millions of dollars will be spent and years wasted before they realize that the genetic pool in the world hasn't changed that much in the last fifty years and that some external factor or factors are causing Alzheimers.

Until further study is done on the aluminum/fluoride connection, the prudent thing to do is avoid cooking with fluoridated water in aluminum utensils and buying beer and soft drinks made from fluoridated water and sold in aluminum cans. Since the media will not do the job, it is up to us to tell our families, friends and neighbors to drink only distilled water or water purified through the reverse osmosis method.

From Safe Water Association, Inc., P.O. Box 502, Fond du Lac , WI 54936, (414)-922-1764

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