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Colonic Irrigation
By Dolores Bell

The body comes into this world already knowing how to function in harmony if its natural healing mechanisms are not interfered with. No one needs to teach a baby how to nurse or perform basic life processes of breathing, digestion and elimination.

If the basic life processes somehow get out of balance, our inner environment can become a breeding ground for disease. Disease is not something that attacks us from without; it thrives in a mental and physical environment of lowered resistance which we allow.

If we neglect the body by feeding it improperly, failing to cleanse it inside or out, or treating it with disdain, we begin to create an inner environment where disease can flourish. The physical system then begins to rebel. In every way possible it tries to tell us to stop and evaluate our actions and thoughts just as a true and loving friend might. Very often the body signals us with minor but annoying physical symptoms; these are not the disease, but only the outer signs of an imbalanced inner process.

Most of us never pay attention to these little warnings until we come down with a major disease; then comes the mad race to eliminate symptoms (instead of the causes of disease). Unfortunately, this is not real healing. One of the warnings manifests as improper digestion and elimination.

Digestion is a multifaceted process. As food is taken into the mouth, the inner organs start a beautiful, rhythmic dance. The esophagus moves rhythmically in a peristaltic action and moves the food into the stomach; the stomach begins its dance and then pushes the food into the small intstine. The small intestine begins its peristaltic movement, and thousands of tiny villi absorb the nutrients needed by the body and carries them into the bloodstream. (The villi also hold and later expel what the body does not need and cannot absorb.)

In a healthy person, the ileocecal vaive opens and lets pass the waste that the small intestine has filtered out. Then, countless nerves are alerted to action, and this five-and-one-half foot organ rhythmically begins to push waste from the lower right side of the abdomen upward past the liver.

At this point, the intestine turns across to the spleen, where it turns again, and then travels down to the floor of the pelvis, where it empties.

This process should occur every time we eat. The person who does not eliminate after every meal is constipated. If this occurs, the body begins to reabsorb its own waste; this situation provides an environment where disease can flourish.

Over a period of time, if the colon loses its ability to have a regular, rhythmic peristaltic flow, its nerve signals stop functioning and large deposits of waste gradually lodge in its many _pockets and convolutions. This waste paralyzes the ileocecal valve, backs up into the small intestine and is reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Parasites as well as bacteria flourish in this environment. Once the colon's flexures (turns) are plugged, it cannot support peristaltic action; it loses its "memory and no longer functions in a healthy way.

Several things may cause the colon to "freeze" and its contents to back up:

  1. Emotional stress may cause a tightening of the solar plexus nerve centers, inhibiting proper breathing and thus the flow of energy into the colon.
  2. Improper dietary habits; white flour, devitalized or preserved foods, too much meat, spices, sugar, milk products; certain food allergies, etc.
  3. Mental stress, mostly subconscious; previous poor toilet training; negative attitudes or anxiety about one's body functions.

These problems can be remedied without dependency on habit-forming laxatives. One solution is colonics.

Colonic irrigation is a cleansing process that uses a special machine to introduce warm water into the entire colon. Colonies are a safe, rapid way of unplugging the body's sewage system when it is no longer working effectively .

Colonic irrigation cannot be compared to an enema; it functions in a different manner. Enemas only empty the lower twelve inches of the five-and one-half-foot colon. The irrigation reaches the entire length of the colon to the ileocecal valve; water flows out at the same rate it flows in. The process is painless, pleasant and highly effective. It can remove the cause of chronic constipation and other diseases of the colon, the action of the water flowing in and being very gently drawn out through a very mild vacuum reminds the colon how to function on its own.

Once the colon regains its memory, it knows how to eliminate properly and no longer needs treatment. It does not need constant enemas to empty it.

Enemas should be used only in case of mild constipation or when the body is emptying more toxins than usual. Colonic irrigations should be used as an emergency measure to unplug the colon and as a preventive measure perhaps once or twice a year, but not as an ongoing teatment. It is also good to have one before and during a fast.

Once the colon is unblocked, self-maintenance is possible. We can keep our physical and mental channels open in a number of ways:

  1. The solor plexus area is the only part of the body which is not covered by a bony structure. This is the center of your emotions. No Creator would leave us without a way to keep this area clear; we can do it thonigh the breath. Try this: lie down, relax as much a you can and breathe from the diaphragm. Take in a breath and let everything out from the diaphragm. This will begin to allow energy to start to flow into tht area. Try to keep your mind only on your breathing. Even if you do this only five minutes a day, it will be beneficial; this type of breathing will also help tone the colon. At this time, you could also gently massage the colon from right to left. Breath is the first basic step to health.
  2. Change your diet to a more natural one; stop eating the things that harm the body. Be kind to yourself. Feed yourself lifegiving foods. Drink pure water. Educate yourself about nutrition. Nourishment is the second basic.
  3. Change your attitudes. Work with yourself. Be aware of how you feel about your own elimination processes. Love each thing about yourself. Don't put yourself down. Re-educate and re-program yourself positively. In this physical world, your body is the house you live in: be comfortable in it. Elimination is the third basic. Accept it lovingly.

Clean the inner environment physically, clean the inner environment emotionally and mentally; no disease can flourish in a purified temple. In that type of environment, only the beauty of your own spirit and soul will grow.

Dolores Bell is a licensed massage therapist who utilizes a holistic approach in her treatments. She also specialized in “Innerphasing," a reducing process which changes dietary habits.

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