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Biogenic and Bioactive Nutrition Sprouts
By Frank Vasquez, N.D.

Through biogenic and bioactive nutrition, a more natural and simple living, following the path of moderation in all things, we will surely reach what we call The Essene Way. Then we will develop and use life-generating and self-healing powers, incomparably greater than those of any physician. This regenerating power will produce powerful antibodies against infections, will knit bones, and heal our wounds. Our bloodstream will penetrate through our whole organism and repair.

We become healthier, live much longer and are inspired to learn from the book of Nature. Medical and hospital bills will be reduced to a minimum. Even in the case of accidental injury we will recuperate more quickly. Our food bills will be cut by about one-fourth as well as the time spent in preparing foods. We will be free, not only from overheated kitchens, pots and pans, but also from the tyranny and perfidy of the food processors and their erroneous philosophy. Our children will become healthy and also learn from the book of Nature in a continuing educational process. Old people will have an opportunity to be creative and useful in addition to improving their health and finances. We will have a tax proof activity as tax exempt producers and consumers, and a home economic unity which is permanently productive and inflation-proof.

Sprouts are the most economical and abundant of all foods. One pound of beans will produce about eight pounds of sprouts. One flat teaspoon of alfalfa seeds will produce about eight ounces of sprouts. They are extremely easy to grow and there is no waste, no physical exertion, or need for irrigation. Problems which affect most crops, such as storms, blight, drought, bugs, and chemical sprays never hinder sprouts. The world's storage of food and your family's budget can both profit from the harvest boon and nutritional windfall of sprouts. Where else can you get fresh food, grown without soil, which compares in protein value to meat and vitamin C?

When a plant's seeds are dispersed, the plant has made sure to equip them with all the nutrients needed for a new start. As a result, seeds, grains, beans, and also nuts are the most concentrated complete source of nutrients of all foods. They are also the only foods which are biogenic, that is, capable of generating and creating new life. A sprout is a germinating seed. First the root tip breaks through the seed coat. Stem and leaf development follow. As the seed sprouts, the starch is broken down to simple sugars.

Other favorable nutritional changes take place. The levels of vitamins C, E and the entire B complexes all increase, particularly vitamin C. Also plant hormones and plant enzymes greatly increase, and all the magical, life-generating forces contained within the seed double, triple and quadruple themselves as the little sprout tendrils grow out of the seed. At the end of the fourth day of sprouting, not only is the seed deliciously tender and ready to eat, but it has transformed itself into a new life form, known as a baby green plant, which is bursting with vitamins, minerals, plant hormones, plant enzymes and all the yet undiscovered unlcnown components necessary to health.

Are you an apartment dweller with a green thumb (you don't even have to have a green thumb) and no soil? You can grow tasty and nutritious food that answers all of your questions right in your very own kitchen or bathroom. Try sprouting, and I am sure you will love the experience, and so will your family.

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