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“Nice work, guys, but what took you so long?”

November 29, 2009

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HEALTH | New York Times, November 24, 2009
Personal Health: Exploring a Low-Acid Diet for Bone Health
Proponents suggest that such a regimen could lead to stronger bones than the typical American diet rich in dairy products and animal protein.

We file articles like this under the heading, “Nice work, guys, but what took you so long?”

Recent revelations suggest that just downing more calcium pills and milk is not the answer to preventing osteoporosis. Rather, it has something to do with the diet as a whole! New studies show that a plant-based, not necessarily vegetarian, diet naturally contains the proper acid/alkaline balance that fosters healthy bones and a lot more, like reduced risk of hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimers Disease and perhaps other pesky conditions.

Science tends to look for the next one big thing, like single nutrients and single diseases, and, in this case, single factors like acid/alkaline balance. But in Nature everything is tied together. Specific nutrients are part of a complex synergism of active and inactive elements, many of which have not been officially “discovered” by science, but are essential for proper absorption and function. The body does not know specific diseases; it only knows when something is out of order and, if given the proper materials and conditions, it just goes to work fixing stuff.

In F.A.C.T.’s experience patients on a balanced diet of whole, unprocessed, preferably organic, foods, pure water and periodic detoxification, often find that other conditions, like arthritis, diabetes, overweight, insomnia, allergies, hypertension, etc., fade away, along with cancer.

Such is the body wisdom. The sooner science catches on, the more time, money and human suffering will be spared.

Interview with Two Revolutionaries

November 24, 2009

In one of the last interviews before her death, Ruth Sackman and legendary feminist Betty Dodson discuss their work over the years as women and the importance of being non-conventional in their individual journeys to educate others.

Listen to the Podcast:Rethinking Cancer…Rethinking Sex

by Carlin Ross

NY Daily News Article mentions F.A.C.T.

November 23, 2009

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“Dr. Sheryl Leventhal is a former New York City oncologist who now recommends alternative therapies and has an office in Nyack. She appears in a video called “Rethinking Cancer,” made by the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy, which shares information about alternative treatment sources and practitioners.”

Read on Alternative treatments: Parker Posey and Suzanne Somers seek other means to cure their diseases

by Rosemary Black, Daily News Staff Writer

New Haven Register Article About Rethinking Cancer

November 22, 2009

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“If you want to explore alternative therapies, read the book or watch the documentary of the same name, Rethinking Cancer.

Read on Five men and women tell the story of ‘Rethinking Cancer’

by Ann Matteo, New Haven Register

Cancer – A Condition of the Whole Body

November 8, 2009

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Is mainstream medicine finally considering cancer a condition of the whole body? Consider the following article:

Cancers Can Vanish Without Treatment, but How?
Published: October 26, 2009

Call it the arrow of cancer. Like the arrow of time, it was supposed to point in one. But as a paper in The Journal of the American Medical Association noted last week, data from more than two decades of screening for breast and prostate cancer call that view into question. Besides finding tumors that would be lethal if left untreated, screening appears to be finding many small tumors that would not be a problem if they were left alone, undiscovered by screening. Read Entire Article

F.A.C.T.’s Comment:

Can this be: the cancer establishment is actually beginning to realize that maybe, perhaps, cancer has to do with the condition of the whole body and not just with inexplicably renegade cancer cells? Nearly fell off my chair when I read:

“The old view is that cancer is a linear process,” said Dr. Barnett Kramer, associate director for disease prevention at the National Institutes of Health. “A cell acquired a mutation, and little by little it acquired more and more mutations. Mutations are not supposed to revert spontaneously.”

So, Dr. Kramer said, the image was “an arrow that moved in one direction.” But now, he added, it is becoming increasingly clear that cancers require more than mutations to progress. They need the cooperation of surrounding cells and even, he said, “the whole organism, the person,” whose immune system or hormone levels, for example, can squelch or fuel a tumor. Cancer, Dr. Kramer said, is a dynamic process. This is a hairline crack in the armor: the relentless orthodox focus on “the tumor is the disease, so just kill it!” Speaks Out About Rethinking Cancer

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“Intriguing enough to warrant your attention, especially if you or someone you love has a serious, chronic illness.”

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